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  1. CannibalWeasel

    draw my Dino gal

    This is my girl, taya. my fav, dino she could use some love, updated cothes or maybe no clothes
  2. CannibalWeasel

    Good, you?

    Good, you?
  3. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Such a bad bad girl...

    ~ Looking for Artist ~ Hi there, I am looking for an artist who can draw my female Cocker Spaniel. She is a Mob Queen, Loves Money, Men and Fast Moments. Her favorite colors are black N Pink. Her name is Champagne but she goes by " Lady Queen" on the streets. Looking for a bust or full body...
  4. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Weasels Anyone?

    I loveit, Hope to see more from others~!! Thnx MissNook
  5. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Weasels Anyone?

    I'm looking to see more weasels in the arts!!! SO I'm offering my weasel Fursonas to those who'd like to use them.. NSFW art is indeed welcomed... Hannah Lecter - 32 - Female - Pansexual - Insane Hannah is a dark grey weasel with a lighter grey underbelly. Her eyes are olive green and rather...
  6. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Poodle

    I am looking for art of my Poodle, Tasha Cash. She is a very slender, Curvy, attractive Brown Poodle. Tasha is the heiress to the Cash Empire. The empire was first started by her great grandmother who started a high-class fur styling Salons across the country. She then started a few High-class...
  7. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Thicc Snek

    Ooo snail, yess
  8. CannibalWeasel

    Request: Thicc Snek

    Hi i am looking for an artist or artists who would be interested in drawing my female DiamondBack Rattle Snake? She is a deep mix of browns n tans in color, green eyes, Long black hair in a braid and thick thighs and thick tail. I am open to chatting up and working on this creation together...
  9. CannibalWeasel

    Headshot Trades [CLOSED]

    For sure~! I'll start asap..adorbz....
  10. CannibalWeasel

    Headshot Trades [CLOSED]

    I'd love to work on a trade, give me something to do while snowed in. My Character: Hanah Weasel www.furaffinity.net: Hannah's New Look by CannibalWeasel Request: Art of her in her straight jacket trying to escape it. Trade: I am open
  11. CannibalWeasel

    Draw Nun being Vored?

    So sorry, i tend to forget where i post stuff/...... if your still up for this then message me
  12. CannibalWeasel

    NSFW discord server inviting new members

    Add me to this hot mess lol cannibalweasel#2088
  13. CannibalWeasel

    Weird NSFW Request?

    I'LL GIVE HER A GO~!!!
  14. CannibalWeasel

    Bovine Busty Beauty

    LOVE THE ART COMING IN, OMG SUCH TALENT ~!!! Anyone wanna do NSFW of Belle? Pretty open minded
  15. CannibalWeasel

    Bovine Busty Beauty

    I love it, wanna grab her face n go " Moooo"
  16. CannibalWeasel

    Bovine Busty Beauty

    AMAZING WORK~!! Anyone else wanna draw her?
  17. CannibalWeasel

    Horror Classics

    I am taking 6 slots for anyone who LOVES horror movies and wants me to draw them with their favorite Horror Icon. Will be done in traditional style, Inked, colored, simple background and Offering to mail original artwork. Can be SFW or NSFW - Blood, gore, violence, erotic, kinks/fetishes, etc...
  18. CannibalWeasel

    Bovine Busty Beauty

    omg thank you so so much, she's adorable~!!! - bows -
  19. CannibalWeasel

    Looking for a Horror Theme request (Probably New Oc)

    I'm interested I love horror
  20. CannibalWeasel

    Bovine Busty Beauty

    Feel free to do so~!!