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  1. Hipsteralbatros

    Your favorite mythological creatures?

    My favorite is the kelpie. The water horse that will pull you down and devour you.
  2. Hipsteralbatros

    You have a really cool fursona.

    You have a really cool fursona.
  3. Hipsteralbatros

    Furry Anime

    There's this show called Jingai-san no Yome with a, uh, questionable plot about some dude who gets married to this... bear? Creature?
  4. Hipsteralbatros

    (Be honest) Do you hate my fursonas?

    Actually, I like them more than I usually tend to like fursonas. A lot tend to be unrealistically colored with neon blues and such, which, there's nothing wrong with. But natural colors tend to be my cup of tea. The artstyle is eye-catching too. I like it. It stands out among others I've seen...
  5. Hipsteralbatros

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open, nsfw, sfw, anthro, feral, human and more!

    If you are interested, please see here: Google Doc My Furaffinity I'm able to do a lot, as stated in the title. Many species, many styles, many poses. If you are curious as to whether I'm willing to do something particular, just ask! I am somewhat limited as to what I can post here because...
  6. Hipsteralbatros

    ✧✧SHOW ME YOUR OC'S!✧✧

    Here's my first. Her name is Ringo. Another that I don't talk about much. He is called The Keeper.
  7. Hipsteralbatros

    Did anyone else enjoy Guardians of Ga'Hoole?

    I quite like the movie. I've read all of the books including wolves of the beyond and absolutely love them. It's my favorite book series of all time. I believe there is also another spinoff series in the same universe, about horses which, I haven't read yet.
  8. Hipsteralbatros

    Thank you once again!

    Thank you once again!
  9. Hipsteralbatros

    Songs that brought Tears to Your Eyes

    The Land Before Time had me bawling my eyes out with this one when I was a kid.
  10. Hipsteralbatros

    show me pics of your fursona!

    I'm just an average werewolf. The character's name is Dorothy. I have to make some small changes to her reference sheet. Only design change is that her cheek fluff now points down.
  11. Hipsteralbatros

    Your fictional character crush

    I think about her a lot these days. Good character development is always a plus.
  12. Hipsteralbatros

    How Tall is Your Fursona Compared to You IRL?

    My height is 5'5 in real life, and Dor is about 10 feet tall. So, almost twice the size as me. She's a big girl heh.
  13. Hipsteralbatros

    They sure are! I see red-breasted mergansers often, they're such a joy to watch. I also love the...

    They sure are! I see red-breasted mergansers often, they're such a joy to watch. I also love the hooded mergansers and their handsome hoods, though I don't see them as frequently.
  14. Hipsteralbatros

    Mergansers are awesome, one of my favorite species :)

    Mergansers are awesome, one of my favorite species :)
  15. Hipsteralbatros

    Cool extinct lads

    Most of my favorites are already on here xD I currently have a small obsession with basilosaurus at the moment. They're so much larger than I initially thought they were.
  16. Hipsteralbatros

    Last movie you watched!

    I watched The Abyss the other day in between schoolwork breaks. I always enjoy going back to that one.
  17. Hipsteralbatros

    Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?

    I personally jumped around from a few different characters throughout the years, but eventually I settled on a basic looking werewolf and I am the happiest I have ever been. Probably because the werewolf is the truest to myself, out of all of my other characters.
  18. Hipsteralbatros

    Show me your art!

    My most recent accomplishment. Just a quick little doodle thing heh.
  19. Hipsteralbatros

    Suppose I'm a little late for this, but thank you!!!

    Suppose I'm a little late for this, but thank you!!!