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  1. RailRide

    An example of how *Not* to run a con (video)

    I know right?, whooda thunk an anime con could out-splooge the infamous RF? ---PCJ
  2. RailRide

    An example of how *Not* to run a con (video)

    Yeah, I saw "Brokeback Ballpit" too. Wasn't even looking for it first time I ran across the video. ---PCJ
  3. RailRide

    An example of how *Not* to run a con (video)

    Okay, it's not a furry con, but it's still a pretty stark account of how to disaster-ize an anime con. This concerns Crunchyroll's anime con in Melbourne Australia ---PCJ
  4. RailRide

    What art software do you use?

    If you give it a try for actual drawing, one thing I found that made Krita much more usable on mine (I have it on a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Tab S7 FE, both s-pen equipped) is the fullscreen button, second from the lower left corner. This hides the normal Android switch/home/back controls at the...
  5. RailRide

    What art software do you use?

    I switch back and forth between Krita and CSP. Krita currently gets more use on my (stylus-equipped) tablets as I've recently started doing impromptu sketches on them lying in bed when inspiration hits, and the UI is the same as on the Windows version, so it's easy to move any pics that get...
  6. RailRide

    Tablet Advice

    I have both a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and S7 FE (actually typing this on the first one). While the latter came with Clip Studio preloaded on it, I'm no fan of subscription-ware (which is the only version that exists on Android) and never launched it even though I use CSP on Windows. Instead I...
  7. RailRide


  8. RailRide

    Thoughts on types of furries. ( digitigrade plantigrade ferals or upright animals) which do you prefer?

    My OC roster is entirely plantigrade, since I learned how to draw footwear "correct" to the extent that attentive viewers recognize specific styles that I've used :D . Their environment is such that they can appear alongside OC's of others who specify digitigrade in their design, and even...
  9. RailRide

    Anyone remember iScribble?

    There's also aggie.io, and its spiritual successor (same devs) magma.com I haven't used either, but have watched a livestream with two artists using the former to collab on a drawing. ---PCJ
  10. RailRide

    How do you prefer your furry characters?

    All of my OC's are drawn plantigrade, mostly because I learned to draw footwear recognizably correctly :D, so I make every attempt to include them where people familiar with certain styles can notice them. But I did make allowances in their universe for OC's of other creators making cameos to...
  11. RailRide

    What does putting something in scraps actually do?

    Submissions uploaded to Scraps don't show up on the FA front page, but they do appear in your watchers' Inboxes (without any indication said submissions were placed into the scraps folder). If you do not have sufficient watchers to warrant that kind of traffic, knowing the number of homepage...
  12. RailRide

    Do you separate your SFW & FET/NSFW art?

    Do these friends have FA accounts and if so, have they enabled the viewing of Mature and/or Adult content? Both of these are off by default when signing up for a mainsite account, and guests cannot see anything that isn't General. If they're not faving NSFW material, they may not be in a...
  13. RailRide

    How to combine shapes to create convincing art?

    I occasionally travel through bunches of art youtubers who do short tutorials. This one does a fairly good job of explaining/demonstrating some tips, even though it mostly concerns anime-style humans, there is stuff there that's applicable to any humanoid character, specifically the posing tips...
  14. RailRide

    Who cares about your art? (these people do)

    Thanks :D I do look up the character owners appearing in these commissions, and I think I have asked a question or two, but I haven't broached the subject of crossovers since I still need to bring the comic to a state where all my OC's (including some created during it's hiatus) have been...
  15. RailRide

    Who cares about your art? (these people do)

    Fully agree here. I tend to write somewhat long-winded descriptions with my uploads, divided into a description of the pic itself (even if it's a commission, if I know something about the character, I try to include some backstory), and a "technical" section that describes stuff about how I...
  16. RailRide

    Looking for a new portable computer, any ideas?

    Point of trivia: Toshiba exited the laptop biz several years ago. Another company markets their machines under the Dynabook brand. (I'm actually writing this on a Toshiba S-70) ---PCJ
  17. RailRide

    Hardshell Speaker Backpack Advice

    I imagine that would be controlled by the playback device feeding a signal to the speakers. That's how I see them being used (bluetooth speakers are the new boom boxes). ---PCJ
  18. RailRide

    Anyone notice the game in the current Google Doodle?

    Called "Doodle Champion Island Games" The relevance? all the characters are animals of various species. You play as a calico cat. Basically an JRPG-ish fetch quest with mini-games. Also comes with a complete set of fully animated cutscenes. I ran across it a few days ago, but only clicked the...
  19. RailRide

    What is the "generic furry art style?"

    And I thought I was the only one who noticed this :D:rolleyes: I'll frequently run across an exquisitely rendered piece and backtrack to the artist's homepage and sure enough, Cyrillic text abounds. ---PCJ
  20. RailRide

    Ever worked hard on a drawing or design and it gets no traction

    This showed up in my youtube recommendeds since I periodically look up art tutorial stuff. It looks especially relevant now: (good thing I was watching this...I caught one of my usb desk lamps starting to smoke right next to my keyboard O_o ) ---PCJ