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  1. ZaraphayxRedux

    Thoughts on 4chan?

    There's nothing ironic about it you dork I just do it for fun.
  2. ZaraphayxRedux

    Thoughts on 4chan?

    Where was this indignation when she flat out lied about me for attention? Rushing to defend vile, derranged people because they were nice to you isn't a virtuous act you sanctimonious coward. I don't think you're in any position to determine what makes other people's personal gripes...
  3. ZaraphayxRedux

    Thoughts on 4chan?

    The only person I can think about who did/is doing that on Phoenixed is Amiir because he's a retarded spazzoid. 90% of the content was completely harmless shitposting until Trump got elected and people couldn't keep the sickening need to share their misinformed, sophomoric political views off of...
  4. ZaraphayxRedux

    You're all fucking nerds is what I learned lmao

    You're all fucking nerds is what I learned lmao
  5. ZaraphayxRedux

    The art of controlling one self

    this is formatted like a craiglist post for multi-level marketing lmao
  6. ZaraphayxRedux

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

  7. ZaraphayxRedux

    As long as one good post remains in this universe my dream lives on.

    As long as one good post remains in this universe my dream lives on.
  8. ZaraphayxRedux

    Open relationship (need guidance)

    open relationships are a scam don't do it op
  9. ZaraphayxRedux

    Ever fallen in love with someone...

    crush that puss op
  10. ZaraphayxRedux


    I'm gay
  11. ZaraphayxRedux

    Furry sports

    sports are for nerds lmao
  12. ZaraphayxRedux


    makes u think
  13. ZaraphayxRedux

    Have you ever been "thrown under the bus" by "Friends"? If so, how?

    wtf you were in a siege?? like with catapults and shit???
  14. ZaraphayxRedux

    How to deal with a stalker?

    Collect his essence.
  15. ZaraphayxRedux

    Open Chat

  16. ZaraphayxRedux

    You own the person above you for a day

    Return to sender.
  17. ZaraphayxRedux

    living in Saudi Arabia...

    Op do you wear one of those sheets I always see in the movies?????