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  1. Tissemand

    Post an album, I will listen to it and rate it /10

    Pick one (or all, if you wish): [Prog rock-ish] In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson [Prog/alt rock] Deadwing by Porcupine Tree [Post rock/almost ambient] Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Rós I usually like prog metal and prog death, but I think those are my personal 10/10 worthy albums.
  2. Tissemand

    Getting my site browser independent

    1. Use CSS Reset 2. Make sure your page conforms to the w3c validator: http://validator.w3.org/ 3. Don't use background sound 4. If you're gonna use PHP, be sure to sanitize the input, e.g. stripping certain characters or replacing ones in files, and also check for XSS 5. Use a stylesheet (find...
  3. Tissemand

    Murrsuiters get event cancelled and possible full-life consequences

    Wait... is there a news article, a police report, or something confirming the validity of this (I seriously tl;dr the whole comments section and major gaps of this thread)? Not really trying to be the devil's advocate, and frankly, I really do feel empathetic toward those, but I don't want to...
  4. Tissemand

    What Kind Of Illnesses, Disabilities or Psychological Problems Do You Have?

    Let's see. I've had a pretty moderate stammer as well. I have a pretty mild anxiety disorder, that's probably caused by my stammer. Still haven't seen a doctor/psychologist about it, because it's pretty minor and it doesn't effect me much.
  5. Tissemand

    Linux users - What is your favorite Linux distro...?

    Debian! Everything just werx (tm). Also, it has one of the best package managers out there. Also, JUST WORKS!
  6. Tissemand


    I put things in bags then wheel them out to cars... it pays, I suppose. Hopefully I can get a job in computer science soon. :3
  7. Tissemand

    What Are You Reading ? The FAF Book List

    A few textbooks. Currently reading Psychology: An Introduction. Too lazy to read anything else |3
  8. Tissemand

    Favorite Books as a Child

    My teacher always gave me books to read, even though I hated reading books as a child (and still somewhat dislike fictional books). The ones that I remember actually liking were probably My Side of the Mountain and Hatchet... only those stick out for some reason. Then, there was If you give a...
  9. Tissemand

    Favorite coffee with a side of something?

    My ideal morning consists of either Blue Mountain or Kona coffee with some shortbread and nutella. ... but I usually just buy instant maxwell-house coffee and instant hot water with sugar and milk. Sometimes I drink tea if I'm going to eat something non-sweet.
  10. Tissemand

    Cross-platform game development

    You should really look into XNA, OP. It's very easy to get cross-platforming with the Windows environment and Xbox. As long as you know pretty basic programming knowledge and the basic concepts of OOP, you should be able to figure out C# + XNA. Getting started is relatively easy: if you don't...
  11. Tissemand

    So... furries w. music. What is your studio setup?

    Ibanez RGA7 (7-string guitar, full price ;_; ) Ibanez GSR200 (4-string bass, $20) Squire ??? (6-string guitar, free) Boss GT3 (free :3) direct to computah Some cheap Marshall 10w amp (free) & 15w bass amp ($20) Also have a crybaby somewhere and a few pedals. Tempted to buy one of those...
  12. Tissemand

    Wamp Server

    Have you tried changing the password using mysqladmin? Try restarting the server too. Also, can you post the top lines of config.inc.php? And you're also going to need to update dupral's configuration file with the updated password. You should also check out xampp if WAMP becomes a pain to use ;)
  13. Tissemand

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6383856 First real song that I've made.
  14. Tissemand

    Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

  15. Tissemand

    Happy Anniversary Linux! Thank you Linus Torvald!

    Yay ;3 happy birthday Linux. What an odd day for Jobs to step down too. x3
  16. Tissemand

    East Coast Earthquake Thread

    Edit: Wow, really? :| I just found this image like a minute ago -.-
  17. Tissemand

    Speaker crackling

    Okay, I think it either my cable modem or wireless router that was somehow interfering with it. :| I changed my setup and moved the speaker wires away from them and it stopped. Here's a recording of it: http://www.mediafire.com/?9wu2bv2b8p93bvb the last loud clicks were of me btw
  18. Tissemand

    Speaker crackling

    They're just standard computer speakers with a subwoofer. They're connected to the analog 3.5mm port at the back of my computer. Don't think there are any frays, but I'll check again. Don't own a cellphone :/ I'll try that now. I do have a few amps & guitars near my computer but they're...
  19. Tissemand

    Speaker crackling

    My old speakers like to crackle even when nothing is playing (or should be playing). It's just somehow playing random noise and I can't seem to stop it without having to actually unplug the set from the wall (even when it's turned 'off', it still crackles like mad). It's really been bothering me...
  20. Tissemand

    Linux/*nix Distros you've used/rating.

    Lol'd. Anyways... Ubuntu: Rating: 4/5. Pros: Everything tends to work out-of-box, and most utilities on Ubuntu have a GUI (and there are also cli alternatives). Uses the apt packaging system. HUGE community! Easy installation. Cons: Feels a bit bloated and slow, especially on older systems...