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    i think the site just crashed

    same deal here, white screen. Different browsers, different computers and on my sidekick white screeeeen
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    Favorite Music Genre

    Emo, hardcore, screamo, post-hardcore, emocore. Im good with anything cept ALOT of the metal genre.
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    Favourite Film Score Thread

    Tears of the Sun soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
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    Dragonforce Like Or Dislike?

    hahaha really REALLY dislike dragonforce, SUPER high pitched vocals that sound more like whining? And people say Emo is nada but whining and crying. They dont write their own music is funny as shit too lol, so in other words Herman isnt a guitar god, he just learns to play whatever their...
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    Thrash Metal Anyone?

    haha nice actually I thought the same about being in LA as well =p Saw Fueled by Fire at the Whiskey a month ago, couldnt understand the singing, same guitar riffs over and over lol. here's some hardcore/emo/screamo for you. Local Bands which I know personally. The Artery Foundation -...
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    Thrash Metal Anyone?

    Uhh huge comeback in LA? lol what? Emo/Screamo/Indie/Hardcore is whats going on down here in LA and Im glad to be a part of it. Its also nice bringing it into the fandom =) Infact its pretty much everywhere and taking over real nice, Warped tour, Sounds of the Underground, Taste of Chaos...
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    Rap anyone?

    I love rap and hip hop. Though alot of whats played on MTV, and the radio and stuf is alllll crap. BrailleBrizzy - http://www.purevolume.com/braillebrizzy Masta Ace - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp_pwrzHZNw Living Legends - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyvhL8_2h64
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    Worst rappers ever

    Any rapper that made it big enough to go on MTV or be played on the radio 24/7 Made everyone assume thats what rap is all about... bling bling dudes getting ass at every corner same with emo, since linkin park and MCR aired on MTV everyone assumed thats slit your wrist emo...
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    A question for American drivers

    if you see a sign that says speed limit 45.. just look at the speedometer and do go past it, simple lol.
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    So how is your sense of fashion?

    http://www.bleedingstarclothing.com/ http://www.entrustclothing.com http://www.jedidiahusa.com Dickies shorts.. sagged down, green bandana hanging off Medium sized dickies zip up sweaters, usually brown or black, hood up cap under. Band shirts if im not on a clothing label...
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    Music Furs! Anything to do with writing or just shoot the shit about bands ya like

    nice Most of the crap I come up with I'm drunk.. or on something lol Bad part about that is you dont remember how the hell you played it I'm actually stuck on writing another song for a new album here, its mainly a style issue.. didnt end up joining that other band hehe. Listening...
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    Guitar = 5 Years - I'm all about the Hardcore/Emo/Screamo guitar riffs/chord/solo combinations (just check out my gallery lol) Drums = 2 Years - Nothing to special, I was in the drumline.. snare drum is my specialty lol. Piano = 10 Years - Kinda on and off on it, I'm gonna grab back into...
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    Unable to delete submissions...Submission system offline

    RE: can not delete submissions I'd like to have my whole gallery erased if thats possible, scraps and all. furaffinity.net/user/itreyu = (ed./u2k): actioned & confirmation note sent on the mainsite.
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    Complement or insult?

    insult dont assume what im not.
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    Any Metalheads?

    lol yup Yeah i just like talking about it is all haha. Props to you man. Still though, deep down inside I've got a love for metal =p Slayer Pantera Metallica Wolfmother Ratt Van Halen Guns and Roses Killswitch Engage Trivium Blind Guardian Iced Earth Dragonforce ALL THAT...
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    Any Metalheads?

    Blink 182 isnt emo.. +44 (which is pretty much all the blink 82 members) is emo. purevolume.com/plus44 Uhh hardcore and emo are the same thing.. You know how metal has like 100 diffrent kinds of types? Speedmetal, death, heavy, grindcore and all that other stuff? emo's got its own =p...
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    Any Metalheads?

    Gimme them facts about emo and hardcore dying then ill think about it. Not like it matters, im just in it for the music, the style, the fact that you dont really have to have any kind of musical knowledge to play onstage and the people =p Emo isnt all depressing, and if your going by emo...
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    Any Metalheads?

    Sure thing. Alice Cooper is golfing now. Jethro Tull winning Metallica in a award LOL Cancelling Headbangers ball for one showed it was dying The fact that like a majority of metal sounds the same and is coming from another country and in diffrent languages? Alot of people assume...
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    Top 10 Favorite Music!

    Oh wow great taste bro. Never seen anyone mention the Exies EVER. __ 10. Alesana - Congratulations, I hate you 9. From Autumn to Ashes - The Dinner After Payback 8. Bless the Fall - Take Me Now Part 2 7. Bullet for my Valentine - All These Things I Hate Revolve Around Me 6. As I Lay...
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    Top 10 Favorite Music Videos

    10. Senses Fail - Calling All Cars - http://youtube.com/watch?v=UHt1WVI2EPk 9. Eminem - Mosh - http://youtube.com/watch?v=8E_lPrlk3t8 8. Chronic Future - Time and Time - http://youtube.com/watch?v=vPCFJDE1thQ 7. Saosin - Voices - http://youtube.com/watch?v=avu9oeqeD2k      6...