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    Granado Espada (Sword of the New World)

    Yeah gotta love the gender confused characters, and the boxboxboxboxbox NPCs. The story line is good though... You know- once you translate what the crap is going on. But it does have a kick ass sound track. Odd how dance-techno can match a 17th century or whatever based game. And I'm not...
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    Pizza! O_O

    tomato paste, garlic, onion, tomato, basil, etc etc. cheese. :D
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    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    That tooth fairy hasn't given me anything in years >=[ Total hold out.
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    Hello. :3 Not new to the scene, but...

    Welcome back I guess :D Hai hai complimentary re-enter cookies?
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    New member!

    Hi there. Welcome and all that jazz :D I hope you have as much fun here as weee doo :D If not there will be stabbings >=[ ok not really xD But I hope you have fun, I do :D ~gives you cookies too. And good luck too ^^ Huzzah
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    hey im not sure how this works

    hurrah huggles <3 Yeah just enter any thread. It's fun xD You picked the right thread to start in though xD
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    I think I might be gay D:

    I blame furry alot too Dx Starting to get partial tendancies here. ~fistshake.
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    hey im not sure how this works

    Hello there snowball :D I wish you all the best here. Everyone is real friendly and a closeknit community :D Though I've been here not even a week I've noticed xD Anyway :3 I hope you enjoy yourself. ~passes cookies.
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    Wearing a tail in public.

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    Wearing a tail in public.

    I want fur stuff Dx Never worn outside of online games lol xD Also HAI SUMMERCAT
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    Hello my name is Loki

    Hurrah welcome :D New people ftw :3 Eh well I'm new too... Not the point xD Have fun anyway :D I like it here.
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    When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

    High tail I think it was xD Theres a ver 2 of it now Wolf xD I think I discovered through old interweb pr0nz. And in games like flyff i used to dress up in the kitty ears. I thought it was cute. Then it just lead on and on :D
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    ;o I wouldn't know either way if it was or not. BUT TEH NAEM IT R LIES. Uhm but yes. Actually what I was gonna say has been said xD I just bite and lick =o Not really sexually xD I think it's funny.
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    Eh hi :D

    whew lots of people on today :D Hai hai and thanks alot :3
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    Eh hi :D

    Awesome steak and banana bread :D Newp. No fursona yet. =[ I could probably fluke a drawing. But it'd take me like 100000 tries xD But I'm sort of new at this whole thing xD
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    Eh hi :D

    xD Yeah I get hardly anyone around QLD T_T NSW is usually the closest Australians I know
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    Eh hi :D

    Sunshine Coast.
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    Wearing a tail in public.

    This is rejected therefore it is win.
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    Wearing a tail in public.

    Best beanie ever? ^ Ugh. If I had a tail or ears. I may wear it in public. I'd love to show up to a job interview in it and see how seriously they'd take me.
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    Granado Espada (Sword of the New World)

    Yeah so it's not stop action of the grindgrindgrind LETS POSE FER 3 HOURS IN SCREENSHOTS TOGETHER PLS. But I love it xD And I don't think anyone else has posted this here. I still think it's very underrated for a f2p game. In fact the game is running in the background at the moment. Yeehaw...