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    Fur Affinity beta test thread.

    everything appears to be down now, but the only issue i had last evening using ferroxart.net was that i would lose the connection going from my watch list, to click on art, to back to my watch list. i could click on images fine, but backspacing caused me to lose the connection. yeah.
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    I live in Orlando, florida. yup.
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    Greetings, allow me to flail my paws like a lunatic as a way of saying hi.

    welcome to the forums! i read the word "flail" and immediately imagined kermit the frog.
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    A pair of scissors with zz in place of ss.

    hey there, welcome :)
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    Why is anthro art so hated?

    in this same vein, i have often wondered why fursuiters are made fun of by cosplayers.
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    Bunny (Need serious crit)

    what is your goal with the image? i mean, what do you think needs improvement? i want to help you, i just need to know... what direction you want to take the image in, you know?
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    New Husky/Wolf

    well hello thar :)
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    i never introduced myself!

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    i never introduced myself!

    *massive smiles* you know, i thought my thread had been forgotten! thanks guys! you remembered me :D :D
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    for artists: what got you drawing furry?

    i've been doodling animal headed people since i can remember. then, seeing the MTV special made me realize there is a whole genre of the kind of art i enjoyed doing :) however, i knew as well after seeing that special that i did not want to *be* an animal headed person, i just dig the arts...
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    Midwest Fur Fest!

    MFF is a pretty decent con, this would be my 3rd time visiting... the hotel staff are rude as hell, but it's a decent crowd. I think the con has outgrown the hotel, though
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    i never introduced myself!

    hi guys, thanks! let's see... Likeshine in this incarnation has been around "teh internet" for 6 years now! i'm feeling rather old!
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    i never introduced myself!

    ... so here I am! hey kids, I go by "likeshine" hereabouts. My avatar is a green bunny earred gryphoness. I'm 27 years old, Degree in Animation with a Traditional specialty, and I've done a little bit of everything... concept art for live shows, theme park caricatures, portraits...
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    What do YOU look for in a conbadge?

    ahah. I like this topic. I have received a looot of badges over the past 4 years that I've been attending conventions. let's see. i have criteria. hopefully this makes sense. 1) can the artist depict my character's species appropriately? (you'd be surprised at the amount of talented furry...
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    Anthrocon Badge Commissions

    hey ya'll, you may not know me, but i'm pretty sure a lot of the fandom wears my art :) I'm Likeshine and I'm going to be attending AC 2007. It shall be my 10th furry con. I just wanted to announce that I am now taking pre orders for con badges. I can only physically do 30-36 (41 is my max...
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    Why even bother posting Polls here?

    agreed. I registered for the forums specifically to vote against the cub porn issue, and i've found the topic locked and the poll already closed. so, fuck that. in fact, it says i have *voted* in it already, which i have not, as i just registered 10 minutes ago.