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    I will make some quick doodles, looking for volunteers.

    Sign me up! Heres a ref: http://imgur.com/6m2aaef Thanks! :)
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    Is using Febreze on my fursuit a bad idea?

    http://www.stormfirestudios.ca/careguide.html This site says it ok. Theres some more info about general care too if youre interested :)
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    Just another sketch thread

    This image should be a bit bigger http://imgur.com/6m2aaef Hes a coyote :)
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    Just another sketch thread

    Ill take one if you have time :) Best ref is my profile pic if you can work with that. Thanks!
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    How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

    I like to play music and sing. :) When im back at school, ill take some time to hang out with friends and play some pool or something. I guess it kinda depends on whats stressing you out though
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    One at a Time!

    Thats totally fine Thanks! :D
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    One at a Time!

    So youre still taking requests? If thats the case then sign me up! Your art is amazing! My profile pic is the closest thing I have to a ref atm. Will that work? :)
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    For Shukie... Well, I tried :P Best ref for me is my profile pic, Sorry!
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    DIY Speakers

    Hey everyone! My dad and I are doing a summer project: Building our own set of speakers! I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience for a first timer that could help us out. Were starting with a two driver design to keep it simple. I'm in charge of designing and building the...
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    First attempt on making a furhead

    Thats how I had to do my first head :P you look a little silly for a few minutes, but lets be real, you're making an animal costume... you've gotta be a least a little comfortable with acting silly :P
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    First attempt on making a furhead

    No problem :) Theres many more if that one isnt working for you! Idk if you've seen this yet, but heres a tutorial for a bucket head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KcGVeozrNg I found it much easier to work with a foam mannequin head to build on. Its alot easier to see the shapes and keep it...
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    First attempt on making a furhead

    You'll need sharp scissors! You'll also need to get some more materials for a liner, the eyes, and the nose, but you can totally start with what you have now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntf5o3qYw-4 I found this tutorial really helpful. Its a full series about how to build a head from...
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    Where've you been/what did you do this summer?

    "Sucked in" is a better term, but I like to stay positive
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    Where've you been/what did you do this summer?

    I found out about and got involved in the fandom! :P looked around the forums a bit and started trying to make some fur suits :) other than that I've just been working a manufacturing internship and waiting for the next semester to start
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    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    I've been working an internship at a water bottling plant this summer. It's always 115F+ and like 80% humidity in the plant and were required to wear long pants. You walk in and instantly start sweating, but you get used to it after a few months :P
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    My First Suit Head, Critigues?

    Hey man! It looks pretty good! I just started making my first suit so im not an expert by any means but you might want to consider building up the cheeks a bit more. It seems kinda narrow to me. It also kinda looks like you have some symmetry problems. Someone told me to draw a line down the...
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    First Fullsuit WIP

    Expressions have definitely been the hardest part for me so thats super helpful! :D Do you mean tilt the snout up or down for where the nose will attach? The fleece is just to line the inside of the mouth and stuff. Im using the same fur as I did for the body suit :) Unfortunately, after...
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    First Fullsuit WIP

    So I made some eyes! Tried to go for a follow me effect and I think it turned out pretty well! :D http://i.imgur.com/CN4pSN0.gifv (not only am i an amazing photographer and videographer, I also make incredible gifs! :V) I shaved the eyebrow ridges down a bit because they were massive and Im...
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    First Fullsuit WIP

    Alrighty! I think I finally finished shaping the head. I finished up the cheeks and added eyebrows and ears. What do you guys think? :) Next up is eyes