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  1. K

    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    Good. I don't think fanart has a place here at all, unfortunately. But I won't say anything else, for fear of getting the thread off-topic again.
  2. K

    Species and other tags

    Oh. XD Nevermind, then. Too much for me to keep up with. Back to drawing..... X3
  3. K

    Species and other tags

    Hi. :) While you guys are revising the filter system, I'd like to suggest that you overhaul the species lists as well. It's been frustrating for some of us to upload because we can't categorize our work as well as we'd like, and that makes it harder to search for things, too. I reccomend...
  4. K

    Change Your Forum User Title - 36 Hours MORE! [Nov 9]

    RE: Change Your Forum User Title - 36 Hours Only! Can you change mine to "skull crusher", D? :) Also I keep trying to change my full name in my bio and it always reverts to Dragon33r wuz here hyuk yuk yuk lol xD
  5. K

    Saddam Hussein sentenced to hanging

    Is the war over yet???? That's all I care about. :P
  6. K

    WHO IS GOING TO FC 2007?!

    I'm going, but not selling this time. Nope. Just art show for me. Too many cons spent at tables... I'm gonna ENJOY this one for once. n.n
  7. K

    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    Keep up the good work, you guys. You know you will always have my loyalty and support, 100%. :)