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    Virgens and yiffing?

    Right now you think you'll be too nervous to do anything, but just remember that one thing leads to another. You won't fuck on the first date, so chill and take it slow and eventually you'll be less nervous when the time comes. I was horrendously nervous when I first met my girlfriend...
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    Dream job/ future job?

    Commercial Airliner Pilot. And I'm already on my way, turkeys.
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    Virgens and yiffing?

    Not a virgin but I could easily live without sex.
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    Wiimote question...

    When the light is red, the console is off. When the light is yellow, that means you need to disable WiiConnect24 in the settings. Also, everyone who has WiiConnect24 running when their Wii is off should turn it off. It's causing problems in some people's consoles, so if you want to risk...
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    Are You Happy/ Who Wants Hugs ???

    I am happy, I don't need a hug. Nor do I need a hug when I'm unhappy. I realize it's temporary and deal with it myself.
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    Help with Limewire

    No you don't. I have an iPod and I never use iTunes.
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    Halo 3 (with spoilers :D)

    I'm talking about when you die. In Halo 2 on Legendary, when one of the players die, they don't regenerate the player when backing off - they make you both restart at the checkpoint as if both of you died. I don't remember if Halo 1 did that though, but I'm pretty sure it did. I know Halo 2 did...
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    Help with Limewire

    I just said how. Find where the .mp3 files you download from Limewire go to and put them in the iPod the same way you do with any other songs...
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    Master Chief Vs. Samus.

    It really is badass. "You got a D- in Geometry!? Go to your room!" "Fine!" *shoots door violently*
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    Master Chief Vs. Samus.

    There we go. I like your way of thinking. 8)
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    Master Chief Vs. Samus.

    I don't like this debate because the only reason why Master Chief would win a fight is because of the fanbase. If anyone has ever played Metroid they would know that Samus has a ridiculous amount of health and weapons, while a pat on the back with a butt of a rifle kills Master Chief. There's...
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    Mobile RPGs and my short attention span.

    I forgot cellphones have games. I'm too used to phones with dot-matrix screens that are manufactured for the purpose of talking. Six years goes a long way with phones.
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    Do you like any Video Game Characters in general?

    All I know is that I don't like Sonic characters which easily causes people to hate me even though my liking (read: disliking) towards Sega should not determine my worth as a human being. I also don't like Final Fantasy which puts more crosshairs on my head.
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    Help with Limewire

    Limewire doesn't have anything to do with the iPod directly. The files you download have a destination - the default is usually in "My Received Files" in My Documents, but it might be elsewhere. You should be able to find out where they go by looking in the Settings or browsing probable...
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    Computers: Furs' best friends

    Desktop at home (3 years old, custom-built): Athlon 64 3400+ 2.2Ghz 1024mb RAM ATi Radeon X800pro 256mb 160gb 7200rpm Samsung HDD + 200gb 7200rpm Samsung HDD, both IDE because I am lame. Internet, coloring pictures and Call of Duty 2 is what I use it for. Laptop with me at school...
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    Jack of Thompson's new campaign against Master Chief

    You can say "Jack Thompson" quite easily. It just takes a little bit of fairy dust from the far reaches of Eastern Africa.
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    There aren't any furries at my University for all I know, so they probably don't know what furries are. Yet.
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    Halo 3 (with spoilers :D)

    I don't have a 360 myself, but today I finished the campaign with a friend of mine on Legendary. I could say a lot of things I don't like about the campaign, but most of you should have already figured out what is wrong yourselves. Also the ability to regenerate in co-op on Legendary kind of...
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    I played maybe around 10 hours before I stopped for some reason. I'll pick it up again later, but I'll probably restart it since its been a while.
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    Jack of Thompson's new campaign against Master Chief

    Cool? But that doesn't change the fact Jack Thompson's name is the same as the name of a machine-gun. No one said it wasn't common.