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    How long do you sleep for?

    Depends on the day. Sometimes (Clinical rotation) I won't sleep for up to 48 hours. If I crash and burn, I have about 8 hours. Otherwise between 3-5 hours.
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    Kilt size?

    Kane, that link in my previous post explains on how to size a kilt.
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    From what I've noted, it seems that the soil that wolf's bane grows in is deadly to a werewolf. So, garden soil I guess.
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    Kilt size?

    I love my kilt. I ordered it on Amazon from UT Kilts. Great company and great collection. They are make out of a thick canvas type material that is comfy and durable as hell. They have a sizing chart on their website with a video on how to do it as well. http://www.utkilts.com/size-chart/...
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    How tall is your 'sona? Why?

    7'2", counting ears.
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    What phone do you own?

    Galaxy S3. I had the Iphone 4S but hated the network I had (sprint). After getting my new job, got preferred employer discount with Verizon, so I went with them and got the Galaxy S3 for 50 bucks.
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    things you just dont understand

    It is still going in some places. I know here, they had specialized ones. You could get Fire / Police / EMS style ones that the girls on my squads Jr. Auxillary would obsess over. Animals, guns, anything you could think of. I've seen in stores some new Ty Beanie Babies. I hope those fail like...
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    what are some of your quirks?

    The later seems to be true. I end up having different mannerisms, speech patterns, patterns of thought, ideals, etc.
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    Costume/Cosplay thread?

    I've cosplayed as Batou from Ghost in The Shell. It was quick and easy. I've thought about doing a Pyramid Head cosplay.
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    things you just dont understand

    They think of the oil embargo, the military actions, all that stuff. The economical / political situations. Everything else boomed, the others kinda sucked looking back. The one thing I don't understand is the mini-fads that happen. Silly Bands are the one thing I can pull off the top of my...
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    what are some of your quirks?

    At first they thought I might suffer from MPD or a type of Bi-Polar disorder. I've eventually named them all, but that is for another time. The first one is simply who I am "normally", I'm quiet but accepting, I will talk to almost anyone and be the protector or guardian type. I adore my few...
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    What makes you cry?

    I'll start with the bad and end with the good. for about 12 years being the subjugation of being drunkenly knocked around room-to-room by the patriarch of the family while the matriarch just sits there in silent acceptance. Then being sexually assaulted by a grandfather-type person for a few...
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    what are some of your quirks?

    I always have to have music going. I can't stand silence. I have multiple personalities that can change many times within a day (long story. If anyones wants me to elaborate I will.) I hate loneliness but I prefer to be alone. Social anxiety with a small dose of dependence. Haha. It's great. I...
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    Can you dance?

    I'm best when I'm drunk myself. I'm pretty good at glowsticking, trying to get into dancing but as a giant irishman, it looks awkward.
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    Howe to make a Horse Tail? HELP!

    I just made a yarn tail, So would maybe doing that, but make the strands to your length required?
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    Marijuana legalization

    Anything you smoke is harmful. You are putting byproducts of the substance into your lungs. Your lungs are damaged by smoke of any kind, due to whatever you are inhaling, let it be cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke, spray paint, diesel fuel, whatever. NORML's website even states that lung damage...
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    New Pope

    I love how everyone is just "it's never gonna change he's just like the same blah blah blah blah." You know, you never know. Give him a chance? See what will happen? He's the first Jesuit that has been elected to Papacy. He can't be that bad. We're talking about a man who lived in the slums in...
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    What's the most horrific thing you've ever seen?

    1. self-inflicted shotgun blast to the head. 2. person ran over by a train going 45mph. 3. partial amputation of the lower leg. Could see all the gross anatomy. Nasty, but fascinating.
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    Marijuana legalization

    The FDA ranks marijuana as a Schedule I due to there has been no definite controlled tests to prove it has any medical benefits (testing undergoing at this time with glaucoma and cancer therapies), whereas cocaine is a schedule II due to Cocaine Hydrochloride being used as a topical anesthetic.
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    Driving licence.

    Damn. I had to show my old ID, SS card, and a piece of mail showing my current address as proof of residency, then have the check my eyes.