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    (Commission) Selling: 7$-45$+ Open Comms

    Ahh, my apologies! I don't think I've ever posted images here, so I ended up just copy pasting my usual commission journal. I tried putting bigger images in, but it keeps telling me I'm spamming, so I've updated it with links! I hope that's better ^^;
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    (Commission) Selling: 7$-45$+ Open Comms

    Hey there! Been a while since I tried dipping toes here, but I'll give it another shot--My prices and examples can be seen here! You can message me here/comment here, or send me a private message through DeviantArt: Ashvanna on DeviantArt or Discord: Ashvanna#1268 Any unpleasant messages or...
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    Female Anthropomorphic Goo-Pony NSFW ($25)

    I stumbled over this and thought I'd throw this your way. ^_^ forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - $5 - 15$ Sketch, Lineart, Fullbody Userpage of dreamydreamer -- Fur Affinity [dot] net