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  1. K

    How Do You Pronounce Your Name?

    Ki-Vah-Ree. It means rifle in Finnish, I just randomly entered that for a name of a character in a game, which ended up turning into my fursona.
  2. K

    What are your bad/annoying habits?

    I procrastinate, and as a result, I am almost always a few minutes late to anything, including work.
  3. K

    What do you smell like?

    I haven't crawled out of bed yet, so to me I smell like however you describe my natural body odor. To other people, I probably smell like marine grease, which I think I've become completely desensitized to.
  4. K

    Looking For Help Regarding Transgender

    Papayashark and Consequence summed it up pretty well. While it's getting a lot better, I still hate my body. I know what is supposed to be there, and the fact that I see something else instead every time I look into the mirror drives me crazy. I guess a way to explain what I was saying is...
  5. K

    Looking For Help Regarding Transgender

    For me, transitioning is about finally being myself, not just following a bunch of stereotypes. I still work as a bike mechanic and love it, I love shopping at thrift stores, I love death metal, I love painting my nails, etc. Kinda like that video Raptros posted pointed out, gender identity and...
  6. K

    Looking For Help Regarding Transgender

    And even sexually, at some point there will be very little to distinguish my body from a cis woman. As far as the hormones in my body, already the same as a cis female. Over time, that will shift body fat around, and my body will look female. That thing between my legs will be fixed through...
  7. K

    Looking For Help Regarding Transgender

    GTFO. GTFO. Now that that's out of the way, let's bring in some actual help. First off, aside from places where she has to worry about being outed, refer to her with female pronouns. Or at least ask if she would prefer that. It's amazing how good that seemingly insignificant thing can make a...
  8. K

    What's your dream job?

    Bicycle frame builder. I suppose bicycle mechanic is kinda close, and it makes me happy. Also thought about librarian, if it didn't have a somewhat uncertain future, I'd be tempted to go for it.
  9. K

    What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

    I pretty much identify as lesbian.
  10. K

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    Re: What instruments do you play? I have a guitar, and occasionally play with it. Really should put more effort into it, I'd love to write a few songs someday. I've got a Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster, it's actually really nice, the only thing separating it from a Fender is the name and...
  11. K

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Which is pretty damn stupid, genitals should not matter to anyone who isn't dating me. I really hope it isn't that long, as trying to afford all this on a bike mechanic's wages is pretty difficult...
  12. K

    Rate The Song Above You!

    8/10 Pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmOYSH_LjF4
  13. K

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Yeah, unfortunately being disowned is pretty common for trans people... My family still loves me, but my parents still don't accept the fact that I am a woman. Really wondering how long it will take for that to change...
  14. K

    Cycling Furs unite!

    And in case those aren't good enough: 1. Get a bike, make it look shitty, then lock it. Or be paranoid like me and keep all bikes indoors when not in use. 2. See above, if it looks shitty already, why vandalize it? If it's inside, then the fact that they are inside should worry you more than...
  15. K

    Cycling Furs unite!

    I work as a bicycle mechanic, and ride my bikes everywhere instead of owning a car. My current ride is a 1986 Schwinn Mirada, converted to a single speed with drop bars. It's perfect for getting through the slush and crap that tends to be everywhere in the winter: Other than that, I've got a...
  16. K

    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    Looking at my browser, they would see I keep a ridiculous number of tabs open, that I'm single and use dating websites, that I'm really into vintage bicycles, video games, and LGBT related stuff, and a few links to random porn videos. For the rest of it, a bit of music, a few games, random...
  17. K

    Rate The Song Above You!

    I have absolutely no idea what to think about that... So 5/10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSwMlxGZr24
  18. K

    Favorite Albums/Artist/Song/Whatever!

    It's always fun figuring out what my favorites are at any given moment. Artists: Death Artillery Atheist Metallica Sabbat Moonsorrow Hibria December Wolves Immortal The B-52's REM Nirvana Anthrax Holy Moses Angra Albums: Metallica - Ride the Lightning (1984) Artillery -...
  19. K

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    When I've had to come out about something, I'd say the first person to tell is someone close that you are sure will accept you. Having someone that knows and doesn't hate you for it is great, and makes coming out to others a bit less scary. I suppose I still haven't really come out as a...
  20. K

    Rate The Song Above You!

    4/10 Song did nothing for me, though the video was kinda entertaining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDZy6-fMCw4