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  1. Z

    If anyone's interested, RPG maker Ace is on sale.

    Hey everyone, I'm not affiliated with RPG maker Ace or Steampowered, but I just wanted to let anyone know that, if you've wanted to buy a copy, the physical copy of RPG Maker Ace is on sale over at Steampowered for less than US $24 for the next 25 hours or so as I write this. Or if you've got 3...
  2. Z

    Summer is almost here!!! What are you going to do?

    Same thing I do every summer, work my @zz off. Oh, that plus I'm going to seriously be working on an adult themed RPG game that I want to make available to the FA community for free.
  3. Z

    Growing tomatoes - Mystery seedling

    If it came in the pack you were planting then you'd notice if it was something differnent, like a pea or a bean, so it's got to be a seed that's small like a tomato. From that and the way the seedling looks I'm going to guess it could be some kind of pepper seed that got mixed in with the...