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  1. Sugarbomb

    Need a game to sink my time into

    Beatsaber is pretty good. Nice calorie burner too, since you can't hit the gym.
  2. Sugarbomb

    Open Chat

    For my next trick, I will wash and dry my laundry IN THE SAME DAY!
  3. Sugarbomb

    Help me understand They/Them

    I'm like.. half-way to they/them. I'm not going to run around asking for gender neutral pronouns, but I'm definitely uncomfortable with anyone using the word "man" to define me (not that I've ever said it to anyone). It's hard to explain. Frankly, I'd prefer nobody use *any* third party...
  4. Sugarbomb

    aight so.

    If you know what you're doing is wrong, why not stop? You haven't been banned, so learn from your behavior and don't do it again. Or, maybe the answer you're looking for is, "You'll never get banned as long as your trolls are epic style and on liberal fools, only warned."
  5. Sugarbomb

    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    Ib - A short psych-horror game with multiple endings. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Abobo's Big Adventure - abobosbigadventure.com: Abobo's Big Adventure - Full Game It goes through a bunch of different genres, and lots of easter eggs for the people that grew up in the NES era. The Expendabros...
  6. Sugarbomb

    Is this some sort of ugly person greeting that I'm too beautiful to understand?

    Is this some sort of ugly person greeting that I'm too beautiful to understand?
  7. Sugarbomb

    Tell us about games that don't get enough love!

    Baba is You is great. I recommend this. I did not like Stanley Parable at all. It felt too self important. Blue Reflection looks cute, but I reel at "Gust". How C-rated is this game? I'm not one for sexualization for the sake of sexualization. Broforce is one I like a lot. Old school...
  8. Sugarbomb

    Books you loved as a child

    Must have read this a hundred times as a kid.
  9. Sugarbomb

    How was this decade for you

    Fun fact: I remember the first student I had that was born in the year 2000, and got excited that it was new and different. I was already working in the years you don't remember being alive. Man, I'm old.
  10. Sugarbomb

    How was this decade for you

    We're coming up on the roaring 20s? I'll change my name to Jay Gatsby and throw some killer parties.
  11. Sugarbomb

    How do you cope with the horrible things you've done?

    Relatively speaking, of course. Everyone has done things they regret. Even if it's not a big deal to others, it's a big deal to you. Maybe you said something socially awkward twenty years ago and it comes back to haunt you, even though the people involved have long since forgot about it...
  12. Sugarbomb

    KFC dating sim

    Back when I was young, they did games pushing big companies, too. Domino's had a Noid game, for example. This excites me. I love wacky craziness.
  13. Sugarbomb

    Old CD-ROM games

    Wow. Master of Orion 2. That brings back memories. I must have dumped a thousand hours into that game. Other CD based games I enjoyed: -Diablo 2 -Stronghold. A real time strategy D+D army controlling game. Can't find it anywhere. -Raptor: Call of the Shadows (top down shooter) -Warcraft 1...
  14. Sugarbomb

    Video Games Where You Can Play as the Bad Guy!!!

    Nefarious is wacky and cute. Disgaea is one of my favorite games of all time. You play as the prince of the netherworld in a massive human/demon/angel war.
  15. Sugarbomb

    Best video game music?

    Nostalgia hittin' me like a sack of bricks. Here's a few more I like. (Tsunami bomb is <3) The second 9* song I passed in Dance Dance Revolution. It's one of the hardest songs, but I love it to bits. This game (Final Fantasy 6) was advertised as having a half hour long ending. This...
  16. Sugarbomb

    Old hikikomori that loves cute things.

    Old hikikomori that loves cute things.
  17. Sugarbomb

    Should I lower my prices?

    I charge $10/hr for mine, and I suck. I wouldn't expect anyone else to charge less than that. Unless you're able to whip one of these out in 20 minutes, don't drop your price. It's not that there aren't any clients, it's that there's a lot of people on this site willing to sell, and buying...
  18. Sugarbomb

    Anyone playing FFXIV Online?

    Well I'm just a filthy liar then :P Flyff's artstyle was precious. I don't think I played it long enough to learn all the mechanics, though. Maybe like.. a third of the way to the level cap. Got high enough to get a broom, and saved up to get the most expensive one. I ended up quitting...
  19. Sugarbomb

    Favorite childhood video games

    I often remember sitting around in my underwear in the livingroom at 7AM on a Sunday morning, doing world 5 of Super Mario Bros. 3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was the closest thing I had to a party game. We loved doing the races, even though they were terribly balanced. Ninja Gaiden I liked a lot...