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  1. J

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    sorry, no thank you, i lost it since the Link and Bowser time on SSBM
  2. J

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    i'm one :3
  3. J

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    *looks at the screen* Open open open... *starts to flash his hands* open open open...
  4. J

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    open open open, open open open *T_T*
  5. J

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    OOO!!! that reminds me on that one Mervin's Ad *lady at the doors, flashing her hands and saying* open open open, open open open
  6. J

    Donation Totals Since 01JUL08 - 25JUL08

    when's Novastorm gonna get here, it's been 3 days
  7. J

    Size of FA?

    i used to be one, till i put up my PMD stories EDIT: but my char was already a furry, a anthro golden feathered Blaziken
  8. J


    i right now have a good one, on FAP, theres a search box, i know it's been requested on a search box, but the only bad thing on FAP that is only searches Tags, not names of art, but here, it could be searching for names (pic/stories/music etc.), but you still have to pick what place to look...
  9. J

    Will the new server have a beefy right arm?

    it must have a search system, we've been begging for one
  10. J

    Donation Totals

    thats alot of money to spend on the site, you can not just make it better, but put some new stuff in it :-D
  11. J

    Server Hardware Fault

    ether that, or they are just spammers
  12. J

    Server Hardware Fault

    well i'm not doing that, but i got it alot when i was at Nsider, and we called them Spammers, we Nsiders had a lot of trems for text, like SPAM (means Super Pathetic Annoying Messages)
  13. J

    Server Hardware Fault

    hey dragoneer, i was thinking, do you have a "Ban E-Mail Address" on your options? at Nsider, there was 2 ways to ban a Nsider by "Ban account" if the user has another account, the admins chose "ban address" so they'll be ban for the time you wanted them, try making a power to a admin here at...
  14. J

    Server Hardware Fault

    hey Dragoneer, how much is a IBM server anyway? >.>
  15. J

    FA Breaks Top 1,000 Sites in the U.S.A.!

    we're famous in Finland?
  16. J

    Server Hardware Fault

    at least you guys are working on it,i was subiting a story when it fell, >.> i hope you guys get a rich man on the fourms and probly donates a whole bundle of cash to you guys, but thats just me hoping v.v