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    Site Status - Current News On Transfer

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    Upload Dates Removed?

    So why are my "full" timestamps no longer actually full? I have no time given on any message I've seen so far. At best I get the stupid 'fuzzy' "time since posted" on a mouseover. Being required to mouse over the date to get the time is cumbersome. Not giving me the actual time when I do so...
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    Watched User Notification Limitations

    Just give all message notifications a 1-3 month lifespan. More than ample time to check things. Another nice option would be a "close account" option that'd delete your submissions, your favourites and your watches, with a week or two (perhaps a month?) grace period before it did it. That way...
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    'Playing Favourites' contest [Ends 10th Dec 07]

    Since forum registration is currently disabled, I've been tasked with posting about Travaris Rhade's contest. PRIZES 1st Prize will receive 100 dollars via Paypal. 2nd Prize will receive 65 dollars via Paypal. 3rd Prize will receive 35 dollars via Paypal. 4th Prize will receive 15 dollars via...
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    FA Up But Hacked???

    Yak killed all user sessions. Move along.
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    (Closed for now, thanks.)

    RE: Give me something to do? D:> Well, you could try [Aya][Hasty marking colour job](non detailed nudity) She's a musician, plays guitars, violins, pianos, etc.
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    The Barracuda took the internet away.

    I can't pronounce baccaruda
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    [split] Announcement - Security Problem and Admin Resignation

    RE: Announcement - Security Problem and Admin Resignation Let's judge everything off completely second/third/fourth/etc. hand information. That worked oh so well in the past.
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    Announcement - Security Problem and Admin Resignation

    Accusations without proof and outright blaming a user/calling them a criminal? I wish I could say it was shocking but we've been here way too many times in the past.
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    Admin Election 2007 - On the Campaign Trail!

    Vote for eggplant. It's the only option that makes sense.
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    Admin Election 2007 - On the Campaign Trail!

    Unless you're a deer.
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    Admin Election 2007 - On the Campaign Trail!

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    Twisty's Art Requests! ^_^

    Neat work you have there. I'll pitch a few I guess. Aya: http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/52/ayacolim7.png (SFW)| http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/6339/ayacollarcopyhb6.png (Non detailed nudity because it's just a quick colouration job on an unfinished sketch) Aiko...
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    "My art's furry but I'm not"

    I like playing violent video games. I must be a sociopath. Stupid jumps in faux logic are fun.
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    Slight Mature content error

    "if i may point out" codewolf Notice 3 options. oh hay what's this? only a binary choice? Preposterous! Herein lies the problem. You have three submission ratings. You have a single yes or no toggle for which level of submission you want to view. Am I really the only one noticing the issue...
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    Slight Mature content error

    You can either have clean art, or you can have adult art. FA believes in there being no in between, no matter what the rating selection says. You either view it all, or you view only clean.
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    MAJOR complaint on species list