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    Easier Profile Information Editor?

    Typical... another person on here that adds to the drama... This part of the forum is for suggesting ideas, not shooting someone down because you have no idea what it's like to work. If you think about it, it's not being "lazy"; having over 50 jobs all at once can really get out of hand. And...
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    Easier Profile Information Editor?

    It is somewhat of a pain to have to go to the control panel every time when I need to update the status of who I owe art to as well as other things. Maybe adding an option to include a separate area just for that. Maybe have a dropdown list of the people who watch you and those you watch. For...
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    Still cannot see images or even thumbnails...

    Never Mind! Problem solved itself!
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    Still cannot see images or even thumbnails...

    Am I the only one with this problem? I have over 300 submissions I have yet to be able to view =/ I try loading it normal by going here to view the submission http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4306020/ And when I try going to this submission by this way...
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    I really like this banner, it sort of reminds me of how the Little Critter characters look like. =^w^=
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    PG Rated avatar/icons

    Is it just me or are they starting to get to a 18+ rating? Some just seem like they're just borderlining the PG rating. Just my opinion =/
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    And you thought our porn was bad...

    I remember back in the day, sex was a thing of beauty and only done to increase the population of the world... wait a sex! Back in the Roman times people had sex with animals and had same sex relationships! I remember back in history, my teacher told us about this one rich lady, I think she was...
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    link flash

    actually its by The Rabbit Joint at first I thought it was Weird Al (i'm not the only one) but this clears everything up http://free.house.cx/~eil/etc/notal_list.html
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    link flash

    http://muushi.net/home/v/Furry+Flash+Media/LINK.swf.html I can't stop playing this! I love it so much and was wondering if anyone knows who created it. I actually have this on my cell phone and my ipod touch XD
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    ANOTHER Blotch banner?

    I'm gonna be an ass and say the banner is NSFW XD durrrrr... I just got fyurrrrd frum my job cuz I went on furrrr affinity....
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    FYI - Acceptable Upload Policy (AUP) Update

    I don't think your stuff shouldn't be taken off. You change the SL screenshot with photoshop with some very nicely work! Now I will definitely watch you =3
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    FYI - Acceptable Upload Policy (AUP) Update

    what about those individuals on here who draw crappily with mspaint? Like this guy? http://www.furaffinity.net/user/butterkencowolf/
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    Automatic Super Mario World!

    guess i'll just paste the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz0PaPpmGa8 I just fell in love with this! Great music mixed in with a really fun, old time game =3
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    I have a video for the link of the day. I thought I should message you first about it...

    I have a video for the link of the day. I thought I should message you first about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz0PaPpmGa8
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    FA Toolbar?

    Sorry, I'm just a bit high strung today =/ I'm still trying to get over my grandmother's death u_u
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    FA Toolbar?

    snippy aren't we? I didn't think of that alright? Would it hurt to say it nicer?
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    FA Toolbar?

    Do I see a hint of sarcasm in your reply? I think this is a Suggestion thread, not a Sarcasm thread. If we all were a little nicer on the internet we wouldn't have drama.
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    FA Toolbar?

    I was thinking, what about a toolbar that can be added to our internet browser. It could have shortcuts to our the nav links, our favorite artists, our watchers, and things like that =3
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    FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen - CLOSED

    RE: FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen what about the error in having to hit the clear cache problem? does that count as one of the things? I got a good idea for that one