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    Game: bad genies

    Granted, but your boss is now a micromanaging slave driver and everyone you work with is rude to you. I wish I was better at starting conversations with people.
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    Crazy movie game

    Sock it to me, Foxie! A medieval fantasy where a cowardly knight is sent to slay a dragon, only to discover that the dragon has been framed for attacking the kingdom through an elaborate ruse. The unlikely duo eventually find that the culprit is a senile wizard who thinks the dragon is actually...
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    Unsettling images

    Just search for Cursed Images - lots to be had under than umbrella.
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    Describe your sona with a picture

    I don't actually have an OC or anything like that per se, but the closest thing I have to one was this DnD character I once played. He was a lot of fun. This was basically him.
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    What’s your worst fear?

    Entrapment. Like being stuck in a bad situation with no viable way out.
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    Nonfurries: What would your "FURSONA" be

    Lol may be in this boat myself. You can only have about 10 people independently ask "Are you a furry" before you start to wonder. Just recently shifted from "Lol no way." to "Well there was that one thing... and that too... oh yeah and that thing was pretty furry-ish... well shoot maybe." To...
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    The user above you just beat you up in a parking lot. Why?

    Because I joined in on the song uninvited and I'm tone deaf.
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    Game: bad genies

    Granted! But he constantly forgets to clean out the litter box. I wish I could be more decisive.
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    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    A floor lamp... well shoot I may actually be able to use this.
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    How Do I Eat Celery

    Okay so be sure to follow every step exactly. This is very important. 1. Drive to the store and purchase some celery. 2. Drive back home. 3. Realize you left it out in the car. Retrieve the celery from the car. 4. Pull a stalk off the of the celery bunch. Rinse it thoroughly with water and a...
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    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    I'm tentatively testing the waters at this very moment. Never gave it a chance before now but looking back there have been signs going back to childhood. That and just general exposure to animal characters in media probably. More recently I've noticed a pattern that cats seem to be my weak...
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    What is this community REALLY like?

    Thanks for the replies folks. Definitely seems to be quite a bit of consensus here: 1. Essentially only if you feel you are. Not willing to commit on this one but I'll play it by ear. 2. Basically seems to be a liking for animal characters in general that persists later in life. Now, would you...
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    What is this community REALLY like?

    Hi there, I'm very new to the forums (only the intro post before this), and I figured I'd post here to get a better idea of what this community is all about, setting aside any preconceived notions. I'm still very much testing the waters to figure this all out and decide whether it's something I...
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    Passively Curious

    Hi all, To make a long story short, I'm breaking free of my comfort zone and am interested in trying new things, meeting new people, etc. I hadn't considered looking into this fandom until very recently (partly because it turns out I was quite mis-informed about it), but I'm willing to give it...