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    August and Everything After

    Usually read web comics, read a book, play video games, or work on my D&D campaign. By the way, Ctrl+Alt+Del is currently down. Are they hosted by the same company? FA's new host seems to be up fairly often with high traffic, what company is hosting FA or is it self hosted after that...
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    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    You have my bow. :) How else can we find out if theres an update? We need hourly TPS reports. With proper cover sheets. :P
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    Hell yea, I'm going to try to go every day if I can. If you see Alex Row (Char from last exile) walking arround, that may be me. :)
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    I'm curious, before the crash what was FA's total active membership? Was it really 90,000?
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    *Raises hand* Ohhh, I've got a backache too. :)
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    Oh god, made my mother cry :\

    This sounds like one of two possibilities to me, either she has blackmail on your parents or more likely, your parents owe her for possibly bailing them out, perhaps for your dads business was close to bankruptcy and she fronted the money. Either way she sounds manipulative and/or vindictive...
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    Server Installation - Sched. Monday 28JUL08

    I really, really, really want to know more about this statement. Do you have those 3d holograms or computers that read the users eye and hand movements? At least thats the stuff I imagine in Bill Gates basement, something like the Iron Man or Minority report computers. Where can I order them...
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    Donation Totals

    Since this is the fur community, you know that mouth to mouth continued long after it was really necessary and then mouth to mouth continued to other parts of the body that didn’t even need resuscitating. /Jk
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    Server Hardware Fault

    Its still linked in Dragoneers first post http://zme.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/my-pay-page/P2AS2N2AKBDLV4/105-8052410-0114065 Total Collected: US $8,857.02 # of Payments: 389 as of 12:44PM July 5
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    Server Hardware Fault

    Just a natural part of the fandom, drama tends to leak everywhere and can materialize at a moments notice with even the smallest group of furs. Sometimes I get the feeling that some furs feel the need to join in ongoing drama or invent their own the same way you and I need food and water.
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    Server Hardware Fault

    Lol, now were going to crash the FAF servers too. Good luck with server repairs and once I get paid next week or the week after, I'll try to send something FA's way. You guys certainly deserve it for all the time I've spent browsing the galleries.
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    An idea for the spammers.

    Ah, there it is. Thanks, now I can see actual shouts again.
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    An idea for the spammers.

    When an obvious spammer has hit a number of accounts, would it be possible to cascade the ban to remove that banned accounts effects on FA such as the shouts, notes, and comments which get annoying after a while? Also, is there a way of deleting shouts? I havent been able to find the option...