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  1. Kio

    Flashes locked at 600 by 400 resolution?

    Weird, hasn't happened for me. So it's an unfixed php bug? In that case I second the manual input of width and height, it should be easy just 2 extra columns in the database. Also about fullscreen a param: <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> will be enough to let us use flash...
  2. Kio

    Get rid of the fracking BBCode, or whatever it is

    lol strip_tags, mysql_real_escape_string, htmlentities, str_replace, preg_replace. :P
  3. Kio

    Flashes locked at 600 by 400 resolution?

    Wait isn't GD library able to get the dimensions of a swf file? It works for my site. It's not limited to FLV, everything can use Full Screen as long it is initialized by a button and allowfullscreen parameter is on.
  4. Kio

    IE8 Made critical download (you can disable it)...

    Guys, just upgrade. Seriously why stay with a browser like 8 years old (yes I am talking about you IE6 people) which is buggy, feature-less and force people to hack their page design or cut down on features so it can look good on your crappy browser. IE 7-8 fixes most of the problems and it's...
  5. Kio

    Flashes locked at 600 by 400 resolution?

    Yeah the current embedding looks just awful. I think the max for flashes should be like 1024 x 768. Flash doesn't show much performance over that size for complex animations anyway. But many people also submit the drawings or simple animations in flash format. What's the max for drawings...
  6. Kio

    Pagination in submissions

    I'd like to see better pagination than just <<Back Next>> in submissions and search results. Here is a nice php pagination class: http://phpsense.com/php/php-pagination-script.html and some cool tips about designing a user-friendly pagination...
  7. Kio

    Reporting Innaprpriate Art

    Maybe a 'fetish' filter could work? Or using specific tags like 'cub', 'pregnancy', 'fat' etc. could filter out these submissions, however I don't know if people would easily follow that.
  8. Kio

    Comment edit button

    I'd say we best have a "Remove" comment feature that hides that comment (but the full comment would be accessible from the userpage owner and admins). So if you want to fix your reply, you'd just leave that comment again, but those who abuse the system would be easy to track down.
  9. Kio

    "Mature" journal options

    I agree, there should be an option. I posted a 'mature' link once in a friend's journal and he had to delete the entire journal because of my comment, although he draws porn that journal was targeting all ages. Have an option to remove journal comments and tag the journal plz.
  10. Kio

    Newest on Top

    There should be an option to allow us have the newest submissions to display first/on top of older submissions. Also that option should apply in the search results as well. If e.g. I search for "Sonic" right now, I will get obsolete submissions first, I should get the newest first.
  11. Kio

    Is user online & Yahoo! IM is online status

    Can we get a FA user is online and a Yahoo! Messenger is online, please? here I provide the Yahoo! status php code: <?php $getstatus = file_get_contents('http://mail.opi.yahoo.com/online?u=insertusernamehere&m=a&t=1'); switch($getstatus) { case "00": $status = 'offline'; break; case "01"...
  12. Kio

    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    First of all, why aren't passwords hashed into MD5? If they are, even someone who gets the leaked database won't be able to figure out the passwords. And also ensures the privacy of the members as some of them may be using passwords they use in other sites/messenger etc as well. On your todo...
  13. Kio

    User Contributed Tag Cloud! - Better than Server-side search

    Damn that great news! However I believe if there are more problems with search the user tag cloud approach could still work.
  14. Kio

    User Contributed Tag Cloud! - Better than Server-side search

    So it seems that we'll never get a search function because of the server load it could get but another idea crossed my mind: I go to submit a pic > there is a custom tags field > I add the tags I want e.g. "spider web, thread" > I finally submit the pic. User goes to Browse and clicks on an...
  15. Kio

    Make the new userpage gallery style optional.

    Disable Javascript. Hit F5.
  16. Kio

    The New Userpage Gallery

    I am not experiencing any lag at all. People should either upgrade their internet connections or their browsers.
  17. Kio

    The New Userpage Gallery

    My suggestion would be the thumbnails to be arranged like the one I attached. An ajax pic browser would be cool too. The user clicks on the small pic and views the bigger one on the top, then clicks on the top to view full. However the timestamp was nice to have. EDIT: Ah it seems the gallery...
  18. Kio

    FA search?

    Get some search scripts from hotscripts.com, eventually many of them will be efficient and easy to use.
  19. Kio

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    o-oh, I sense flames in this thread, see Trogdor finally set us up the flames!!
  20. Kio

    Open Source?

    I think FAP's code is open source.