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    Project M

    L cancelling seems a bit easier in Project M, probably because when you do it, your guy flashes, where in melee you don't really see it.
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    Project M

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    Project M

    Does anyone play Project M on dolphin over netplay? I'm tired of fighting cpus and want to have some real fun/practice.
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    The Origins Of Your Username

    It wasn't taken
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    Your Favorite Product

    My calculator can simplify radicals and fractions, which got me through every math class i had so far, Also, my mechanical keyboard, typing has never been as comfy.
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    bad restaurant experiences.

    Beef sashimi :3
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    bad restaurant experiences.

    Yep, you're from new jersey... My bad experience was at one of those pizza places where you sit down and stay, waiting around 3 hours for those couple of slices. Mostly because my parents friends insisted on having a party of 16 and eating right before the place closed. I also asked for no ice...
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    Issues with Monitor and Procaster

    Change your input
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    Laptop power without an electrical outlet?

    A generator or a giant ups
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    Your preferred type of headphones?

    I have a shure srh550dj, its supra-aural, and sounds amazing, but is uncomfortable after a while (I had bend them back a lot to loosen them). I also have an mdr-if3000 and receiver, it's circumaural, really comfortable, but suffers from wireless interference, and one side is usually a tiny, bit...
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Playing DQ8, KH1/1, FFX, SSBB, just finished Scooby Doo night of 100 frights.
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    There's only one street by me with with a nice cyclist lane, but everyone uses it to pass, making it dangerous to use. The other streets near it have only a foot wide strip to use. Hell, my street doesn't even have sidewalks to walk on.
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    I found this stupid petition:

    "I found an excuse to get my post count up."
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    Your Top 5 Most Artful Video Games

    I read this as "your top 5 most awful games", saw Okami and said 'wat?' anyway... 1. SpaceEngine (Not a game but holy shit its beautiful) 2. Skyrim 3. TLoZ Wind Waker (Love the cel-shading in it) 4. Mario Galaxy 1 + 2 5. Mario 64 (iirc the game showed Gaben that video games could be works of art)
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    You're afraid of those statues too? The Wind Waker ones, and those morths, where the reasons I haven't played the game in such a long time. The beamos statues were pretty creepy too, especially the ones from Majora's Mask.
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    Linux Distro Preferences?

    slackware, arch, debian...
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    Comcast boggles my mind

    Google fiber might never come over to my area, I don't even have any kind of fiber yet.
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    Comcast boggles my mind

    Your got your average expensive internet prices, but wait, somethings a little off... 6mbps for $50/mo when you get get 50mbps for $60 or 20 for $35, whose gonna buy that, what's the point (I get the 50mbps and I actually get the advertised speeds woot)? What are internet prices like where you live?
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    What are your steam usernames, part 2-

    epicfailol I play hat simulator 2013