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  1. Scunosi

    Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

    I have a Vaporeon tail I made and wore to PAX Prime, but it was part of a cosplay (non-fursuit) and hasn't been worn since. It was fun while it was on though...
  2. Scunosi

    Webcomic List thread

    I found What Nonsense on a banner ad and always wondered if it had a large furry following. It's more anthro than furry (I guess?) and follows a main character and some secondaries as they just sort of live together in what may be a psychological retreat. The characters can get kind of weird...
  3. Scunosi

    Self-supporting Upright Tail

    I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to have to weld a skeleton together, but there's plenty of wire available I could use. I'd have to see what yours looks like to see if it would work or not, and even then I still don't know how I'd actually make a pattern to cover a whole 3D form like that, be it...
  4. Scunosi

    Self-supporting Upright Tail

    I'm working on a set of Eeveelution cosplays for my group of friends, and some of the tails need to be upright rather than hanging, namely the Flareon and Eevee's. I've tried finding some tutorials on the matter but have only really found one by Matrices, and for the kind of tail I'm looking for...