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  1. Kilre

    Why do people feel the need to shout obscenities out the window

    I had a chuckle over the edits to the OP.
  2. Kilre

    Horses with hair

  3. Kilre

    Texas public schools required to teach the bible

    I'm disappointed but not surprised that they are only requiring the teaching of the Bible, and not all the major world religions. Typical. How closed-minded.
  4. Kilre

    Planning on using an Ouija board

    lol ouija boards.
  5. Kilre

    What is your opinion on mecha...

    Gundam ruined it for me. But Megas XLR saved it, kinda. It's like elves in fantasy. Just done too much.
  6. Kilre

    To the carnivorous furries

    Real animals eat by shoving their heads into whatever they're ripping apart. OP needs to stop beating around the bush and join the zoo.
  7. Kilre

    Lady Gaga has a penis!

    Meh. This does not affect my life in the slightest.
  8. Kilre

    How to know...

  9. Kilre


    Chewy, crunchy, never burnt.
  10. Kilre

    How open are you about being a furry?

    The question seems silly. Would you not be open about being a trekkie? Meh, if people ask about my interests I tell them. Being ashamed about it makes it seem like it's a bad thing.
  11. Kilre

    The yiffing thread of yiff

    Low blow, man. Low blow.
  12. Kilre

    DOMA - Massachusetts Sues United States

    Fuck yeah, Massachusetts. Get rid of these types of laws. They've got no place in our enlightened society.
  13. Kilre

    Looking for a Furry Dating Service

    Does not compute. There is only "real life".
  14. Kilre

    The yiffing thread of yiff

    I came.
  15. Kilre

    Internet Dating

    Internet dating: it's a trap!
  16. Kilre

    What's the average amount of viewers you get for something you post on the site?

    Most views, 67. Least...1 on a couple. I think I average 10-20 views per submission these days.
  17. Kilre

    My sense of reality is pleasantly warped

    But...but...research is fun! D:
  18. Kilre

    My sense of reality is pleasantly warped

    Um. No. Go look at some actual brain research.
  19. Kilre

    My sense of reality is pleasantly warped

    I hate to take this--only slightly--off topic, but faith without evidence is not a virtue. I'm sure most skeptics would agree that repeatable tests that all show the same outcome on your "astral realm" would help your position, though I'm in no position to dictate how to perform such tests. And...