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  1. Dollyfur

    Fair and Insightful Look at Furries

    when i first saw this i loved it i love when interviewers are so open-minded :)
  2. Dollyfur


    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had ever had their furry side cross over into another fandom. If so, what was that fandom, and were you accepted, or were people disgusted? I like lolita fashion, but I've heard some remarks about it being gross and to keep away from the clothes. I personally...
  3. Dollyfur

    Pink Cat, really cute style icon! :3

    Hi there! I really want an icon to be done of my 'sona, which is basically a pink cat (I'll offer more details to anyone interested). Like in the title, I'm looking for someone with a cute style who can do a simple 100x100 icon for me. Preferably digital art, maybe pixel (depends on how it...
  4. Dollyfur

    This might be a dumb question, but...

    Could someone possibly walk me through the method of how you buy and sell art? I've never bought art before online, but I would love to. I have a card, and a paypal account - though I've NEVER used it before. What exactly is the process? How do people typically do it? I've done art trades on...
  5. Dollyfur

    5$ Avatars

    omg I would love one. do you have any examples of you drawing cats? :D
  6. Dollyfur

    Young Adult Furries

    This was really touching ; u ;
  7. Dollyfur

    Most annoying furry characters

    Donald Duck, for me...
  8. Dollyfur

    Newbie incoming!

    Aww, thank you all so much for the warm welcomes! Sorry for the late reply, been having long work days >w< You're all so nice, thank you so much! It's lovely to meet you all.
  9. Dollyfur

    New sort of

    hi! Welcome! I'm new too :3
  10. Dollyfur

    Newbie incoming!

    Heyooo. Nice to meet you all, I'm not really sure what to say haha, uh... I really really really love pink, I also really really really love cats. I like food, too :3 Now I'm going to put a lil bit about myself, but make the font smaller so you can skip it if you like. Just my way of doing a...
  11. Dollyfur

    Can your Fursona Die?

    When I get tired of my OCs, I think up many scenarios in which they "die". But, I can re-use them, so they're never really "dead" that way. I think that, the only way an OC/'sona can truly die, is if you forget about it. Since it's more of an abstract thing, you forgetting about it would...
  12. Dollyfur

    Furry Origin Stories

    I just like the idea of having something as my "icon" online. My appearance changes too much, and I can never decide on a hairstyle (wigs give me even MORE options), so I'd rather have something static, something that embodies my interests without having anything to do with *my* actual looks