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  1. ILikeYourArt

    Taking requests

    If you're interested in a somewhat heavier-set female character, I'll throw out a reference for her: http://i.imgur.com/UsjxM1p.png (nude, from the back) You can ignore the "tattoo" on her back. I've always liked artistic nudes, but do whatever you think fits. I've thought she could even be a...
  2. ILikeYourArt

    First Five get Digital Paintings

    5. Explain the basics of baseball and a the current Red Sox and Rays rosters to me. I'm going to a Red Sox game the 16th. I know nothing about sports. There are nine innings to a game, and each inning is split into two frames. For each inning, the away team (in this case, the Rays) bats first...
  3. ILikeYourArt

    Super Chibi Empire [1] - I'm taking 7 more of my Chibi request >3<

    Could you perhaps do a chibi of Meredith? I'll edit in references in a moment. X3 Edit: Here are some references. 8D; Here Here Here Here Thanks in advance. X3
  4. ILikeYourArt

    Taking REQUESTS!

    Oh gosh, that's really cute! XD You captured her greatly; I'm sure to be using the avatar version in many places. X3 Thanks a bunch!
  5. ILikeYourArt

    Taking REQUESTS!

    Oh... my gawds. DX These are unbelievably cute; mind if I take up on this? X3 I have a female jello armadillo. Yes... jello. 8D Lemme grab references; I'll edit them in along with a brief description of a pose. XD Edit: Okay, here are three references (they're all artistic nudity at worst)...
  6. ILikeYourArt

    Site Grinding to Nearly a Halt, All But Unusable...and Nobody Else Has This Problem?!

    Re: Site Grinding to Nearly a Halt, All But Unusable...and Nobody Else Has This Probl And the halt has arrived! D:
  7. ILikeYourArt

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    This thread (and now turned-against-each-community) is just like the cat that's sitting at my feet right now. Sometimes, she bothers the hell out of me... but most of the time, I'm glad to have her around. I find it a rather decent comparison to FA... as a lot seem to be at each other's necks...
  8. ILikeYourArt

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Man your stations. The floodgates will be opening soon.
  9. ILikeYourArt

    Type "The cake is a lie" with your nose and your eyes closed!

    Needs moar revival. Nose: The cake is a lie (caps lock for "T" x3) Eyes closed: The cake is a lie. But then again, the cupcake could have been a lie as well. Who knows... ^ All with eyes closed. D:
  10. ILikeYourArt

    I know what the new server should be named.

    ... I wish I could make a witty retort, but that doesn't even deserve it. No offense... that name seems rather peculiar for a server.
  11. ILikeYourArt

    You Just Lost the Game

    ...I lost. And I never lose. :[ Curses.
  12. ILikeYourArt

    Hallo there. :D

    Hallo there. :D
  13. ILikeYourArt

    Oh hai. :D

    Oh hai. :D
  14. ILikeYourArt

    Slime/Goo Girls

    Sucks for me then. =) I just wanted to see what others thought about it; I didn't think that this would be such a harmful thread. Comparing the replies here to my thread from last year, the members' posts then were much more kinder than now, which is a bit odd.
  15. ILikeYourArt

    Slime/Goo Girls

    As in made out of goo.
  16. ILikeYourArt

    Slime/Goo Girls

    I posted this a year ago, but I'm lazy and don't want to resurrect it. I kind of have a fetish for slime/goo girls (the drawn kind, not photo manipulation of humans), but I would like to know what others think of them. Also, if you know where artwork of them might be, post a link. Japanese...
  17. ILikeYourArt

    Recovering Your Account

    Glad to know that I wasn't crazy when I entered my password correctly and it didn't work. x3
  18. ILikeYourArt

    o.o 3 Free....Things.....cause Im Bored

    Like "Where's Waldo?", it's almost impossible to find? XD
  19. ILikeYourArt

    o.o 3 Free....Things.....cause Im Bored

    If you luff me (and want to draw meh). :D Heh, kidding about the "luff".
  20. ILikeYourArt

    i accept request of any kind!

    They don't have to be if you don't want them to. =)