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  1. Convel

    So, why in the hell do you/furries like Pokemon/Digimon?

    i never try to understand someone elses interest i only care about mine, i was into digimon and pokemon when i was young and i may be able to watch an episode or two now for the nostalgia but i dont think for very long as it's made for kids. looney toons are awesome.
  2. Convel

    will you still be a furry when you get older

    it's something i have always been interested in so i really don't think i will grow out of it
  3. Convel

    Getting hated on by furs you don't even know

    i got called racist just for disagreeing with a black man, this was on youtube aswell. he had on his channel something like "i know whats best for you even if you don't" or something to that effect. he was a priest too and believed he was here to convert people to christianity or some stupid...
  4. Convel

    Which consoles do you own?

    i currently own PS3 PC with about 30 games for each. but from what i can remember i have owned in the past sega megadrive sega satern PS1 dreamcast PS2 xbox xbox 360 in all i have been gaming for about 15 or 16 years, not that makes me any kind of uber gamer, it's a hobby that i...
  5. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    i guess i'm not very good at explaining what i mean, i was just trying to get the point accross that people are very ignorant to things they don't understand and creat something they hate without even looking into it, is pretty much what i ment
  6. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    yeah thats pretty much what i was trying to say, porn exitsts for everything out there, midgets, milf, old people, fucking illegal shit that just shouldn't be done but its out there anyway, but people try to make out that furries are the worst when it comes to porn >_> i see it as 'if you...
  7. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    people like to make fun of things that are different to what they concider normal, you are right though there are a lot of drama queens out there XD. but who is the bigger drama whore? the guy trying to provoke a responce or the person who reacts to it?
  8. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    the way i see it, you get porn for anything that you may be into, it's just that people like to concentrate on one aspect and blow it out of proportion when it comes to furries (so far that i have noticed)
  9. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    how come? i'm very tierd right now so sorry for not knowing what you mean
  10. Convel

    Guitarists! What is your weapon?

    i don't mean to rub it in but they are awesome guitars! i have them fitted out with everything so they are pretty much what john uses.
  11. Convel

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    MW2 like a lot of people still are, but also the rest of the COD serise, i couldn't pass up the deal that steam had going a feew weeks back! baught APB even though i still think i shouldn't have as the pay to play thing i dont agree with, but i still got it so i'm a dumbass XD i can't get into...
  12. Convel

    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    silent hill for sure, great atmosphere in the first few games
  13. Convel

    A question to all Wolf furs

    if you can figure out what my username means you get a cookie
  14. Convel

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    people see what they want to see, and don't look at the bigger picture
  15. Convel

    PS3 Modern Warfare 2 players!

    i play kinda randomly at the moment and not for as long as i used to either, but if you add me and catch me online then i will play some MW2 with you psn; AJ-ATOMICA
  16. Convel

    splinter cell conviction on ps3

    it is possible, ubisoft have said that they don't have the time or money to develope a ps3 version but i dont honestly know what to think about that, last time it took 6 months for a splinter cell game to come out on ps3 after the release of the 360 copy so it may be the same this time
  17. Convel

    Suggestion box for the vidyagame industry

    everyone is waiting for half life 3! has a date been set yet? i want another jackie chan game the one on the ps1 was great but something more "current" would be nice! and a call of duty game were the online isn't flawed to the point were you get your kills stolen from you because of connection...
  18. Convel

    Is the fandom bettering itself or am I dreaming?

    like a few people that are on this thread, i have never been to a convention but would like to go to one, i think it would be fun for a newbie like me!
  19. Convel

    A mundane's experience in regards to furries at Anthrocon

    i found this funny, but i cant comment really as i haven't been to a convention yet