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  1. Gharn

    It's going to be my first time...Teach me how?

    Haha I don't know about that you see fur suits there all the time! I mean really it's where it started. In fact in London comicon they have a dedicated meeting time and space inside the venue you can find on the comic con website. To add a bit of fun you could dress up your fursuit like it's...
  2. Gharn

    It's going to be my first time...Teach me how?

    Firstly YouTube conventions like eurofurence or anthrocon as they have 'classes' on acting in suit. They're pretty good. I guess also get a feel of what your character is like. Also you're going to kb get aches in your legs. Just accept that now ;p Also watch the first time at a con videos...
  3. Gharn

    Come join a skype group call/chat

    Add me if you can! Klhyatt98 Thanks x
  4. Gharn


    That sounds good! I shall watch it today ;p
  5. Gharn


    Wow how did I forget about excel saga. That was... A unique and beautiful experience... Puchuuu
  6. Gharn

    How long are furries... furries?

    2006 here... You youngen! Also I remember specifically I was introduced to it on sheezy art. Who remembers that place!
  7. Gharn


    Irl I've met someone whose previous three ex girlfriends had restraining orders against him. Watch out for the real stalkers ;) they're... Funny in the head...
  8. Gharn


    Haha.! Well it's better than a restraining order.
  9. Gharn


    Hey stalking is a totally acceptable modern day hobby! I mean... No?
  10. Gharn


    I love ouran. And polar bear cafe. Any comedy slice of life that can make my day happy!
  11. Gharn

    What originally got you into Furries?

    Games and friends. I found some nice people who were In to the fandom. And so many fantasy games with beast races!
  12. Gharn

    What would you do?

    My suit head blank is laying on the floor at work while I rasp it during break times. People think it's quite funny. It's obviously a stupid hobby but they know I love stuff like this so it's not a problem. Someone even tried it on but his head was too big ;p
  13. Gharn

    How long are furries... furries?

    My interest has fluctuated over nearly 9 years but I always come back. I just enjoy it for what it is. It's a silly hobby with nice people. And sometimes you need a few of those in life!
  14. Gharn

    Best video game music?

    I think my favourite is easily le perv (carpenter brut is my favourite artist) but I also love the hotline theme!
  15. Gharn

    Too Serious About Being a Furry

    Potato cos play imminent
  16. Gharn

    A Curious Question About Past Art

    if they didnt pay for it and it was made with good intentions then i dont think you have to remove it. Unless they decide to copyright their character. And even then it would be questionable.
  17. Gharn

    Too Serious About Being a Furry

    cant be taking it seriously, its all just for fun. Im making a costume purely for the sake of acting like a dummy at meets and conventions. But thats it, i wouldnt wear any part of it outside on a non related event, it doesnt somehow represent a part of me that people have to know about. i know...
  18. Gharn

    Gharn partial build log!

    So im doing it, after all this time im going to try and build a decent (ish?) suit. Im using a base for the head, going for a more realistic style with a resin head and cast eyes and teeth! The head set was purchased from a wonderful company in Wales, UK called Furrista! theyre immensely kind...
  19. Gharn

    Thoughts on kigurumi.

    ive known about them for a while but never really considered it something id wear or see at conventions but it turns out you do! I always thought of them as more... pyjama or a dressing gown replacement, like sleep ware, but not really an out of the house thing.
  20. Gharn

    I burn hard money on this fandom

    I think people go through phases like this then it calms down ;) but I get you. I'm buying fursuit supplies right now and it just... Won't stop