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  1. VomitBucket

    Little Things That Bug Us

    People who have a pissy fit cause they paid 20 cents extra for something...
  2. VomitBucket

    If you were stuck on an Island...

    I would bring a Magic Lantern so I could get 3 wishes =D
  3. VomitBucket

    something youve always wanted to do

    Be in a band and play shows lol.
  4. VomitBucket

    The most annoying people in the world

    This one kid I know. No one is as annoying as him, and don't tell me someone else is more annoying than him, it's a lie lol.
  5. VomitBucket

    Rate A Thread

    that was the point of this thread. Un-original topics that everyone keeps making...
  6. VomitBucket

    Rate A Thread

    Because there's a billion "Rate A..." threads out there.
  7. VomitBucket

    2012 end of the world bullshit

    apparently the world is gonna end on my birthday in 2012 :[ not gonna be a happy birthday I guess lol.
  8. VomitBucket

    Heaviest Metal band(s)

    Anyone heard of Marduk, Nile or Necrophagist? Go listen, heaviest there is.
  9. VomitBucket

    World of Warcraft

    70 Undead Mage - Deathwing 70 Orc Rogue - Deathwing *atm* 20 Nelf Drood - Gorefiend My mage has the best mount in the game >.> *edit* lol didn't realize this was a month old thread =p
  10. VomitBucket

    World War 3

    what will I do? Sit here playing WoW and listening to music.
  11. VomitBucket

    I had the strangest urge recently =/ Have you had a similar urge?

    I had an urge to kill a man once, but then I just played WoW...
  12. VomitBucket

    You Just Lost the Game

  13. VomitBucket

    Stupidest things you've ever heard

    a friend of mine said, "The fish was gasping for air" also the same friend said, "I just got done raiding on WoW for 8 hrs, I'm exhausted"
  14. VomitBucket

    favourite bands?

    Immortal, I, Emperor, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Cattle Decapitation, Viral Load, Insidious Decrepancy, Necrophagist, Nile, Brain Drill, Cannibal Corpse*old*, Inveracity, Decapitated, Casket Blaster, Naglfar, Behemoth, Decrepit Birth, Deicide, Old Man's Child, Dimmu...
  15. VomitBucket

    whats the grossest thing ever

    I've basically seen everything on the internets, so nothing surprises me when I see something lol
  16. VomitBucket

    Your job

    I work at Petsmart :[ buuuut the people there are awesome.
  17. VomitBucket

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    It's for lulz /thread
  18. VomitBucket

    I gots the SATAM DVD Box set!

    I torrented it a looong time ago >.> lol
  19. VomitBucket

    MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO vs. ROBIN HOOD: Which movie is better?

    I don't think this is a valid comparison o.O Robin Hood is leet
  20. VomitBucket

    Commissions and such.

    It says you have Private messages turned off D':