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  1. Madness

    What's Your Favorite JRPG? (That isn't Final Fantasy)

    Super Robot Wars. Especially Super Robot Wars W, the way they linked all the different series together in that particular game was really awesome.
  2. Madness

    What is your opinion on mecha...

    I love Mechs in all there forms from Mech Warrior stlye semi realistic Mechs to crazy over the top mechs like Gaogaigar. Also im pretty sure there is a few Mech shows that have Furries in them. I know atleast that in Endlesss Frontier on the DS there are a few Furry characters that pop up from...
  3. Madness

    Does your summer feel like summer?

    With all the constant rain practically everyday it feels more like Winter to me. Though im used to my summers sucking so meh.
  4. Madness

    Books books books.

    I have been reading the Halo books recently. I tend to favour books with alot of action or a fantasy setting.
  5. Madness

    Super Nintendo

    Heh i still play on my SNES every so often. I have a copy of Street Fighter 2 Turbo still with its old box that i like to play.
  6. Madness

    Meet up?

    I could make it in theory. But i would need a lot of notice in advance to sort out travel etc.
  7. Madness

    Meet up?

    Distance isnt normally much of an issue to me since i travel alot. But anything around the London area would be pretty convenient for me.
  8. Madness

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    My Gamer tag is Slash Pseudo i most play Halo 3, GoW2 and Virtual On.
  9. Madness

    Meet up?

    Well if your planning to meet up someone roughly near me. I wouldnt mind tagging along.
  10. Madness

    Swine Flu Epidemic

    I swear we get a new type of Animal Flu practically every week now.
  11. Madness

    what are your hobbies?

    Drinking Drawing drinking Computer Games Playing Warhammer and sometimes even more drinking if i am bored.
  12. Madness

    My Furrry/Anthro RPG

    This rpg of yours sounds interesting. I have played D&D a few times in the past so if you need some help with rules etc i would be happy to give you a hand.
  13. Madness

    what are your favorite books?

    The Space Wolf and Horus Heresy Books.
  14. Madness

    Last movie you've seen?

    In Bruges. It was pretty dark but funny at the sametime.
  15. Madness

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    I passed out on my friends new Bed before throwing up on it about an hour later.
  16. Madness

    Favorite Weapons (fallout 3)

    The Combat Shotgun and Chinese Assault Rifle are easily my favourite two Weapons in the game.
  17. Madness

    Recommend Me Some Alcohol

    For a sweet tasting Alcohol i would recommend Smirnoff Ice or WKD. I also personally find that Cider does not have a very bitter taste so that could be good to.
  18. Madness

    favorite snacks.

    A small bowl of Chilli Con Carne and some bread is my favourite snack in the whole world. I could eat that stuff for ages.
  19. Madness

    Why the F*%@ did I buy that?

    I borrowed my friends copy of Fable 2 when it first came out. It absolutely bored me to tears. Im so glad that i wasnt the one that payed for it.
  20. Madness

    Furry vs Real Names

    Nope my Fursona name and Real name have absolutely nothing in common.