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  1. poisonmaster

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Re: revenge of the "draw the person above you thread" I'm really busy with yur stuff Maggy, just need some sleep atm... T_T (next person under me, draw Magnus, as for Eli, if you havent noticed my edits yet, then here is a link to Sir Lupos ref sheet)
  2. poisonmaster

    Requests and trades (writing!)

    Allright, so if you're goin to make a story about my characters, here they are: The protagonist is Mick, but he's actually dreaming, you don't know that at the start. You start the story as Sir Lupos. He's searching for something. Eventually he finds the kidnapped princess, but the evil...
  3. poisonmaster

    yeah.. looking for artist

    Allright, i'll make one of Jack Hatin and Willow.
  4. poisonmaster

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Re: revenge of the "draw the person above you thread" Lol, somehow I ended up drawing you again :P. This time it'll be oekaki I think... ^_^ Edit: Ref sheet
  5. poisonmaster

    yeah.. looking for artist

    I might be interested in working out Jack Haystack (Fox), Willow or Jack Hatin. It'll probably be an oekaki (yeah, Im quite addicted to it right now). I'd like to ask you to write a short story about one of my characters (not sure yet which one). Tell me if you are interested, then we can come...
  6. poisonmaster

    Requests and trades (writing!)

    Interesting =). If you wanna I can trade some art with you. I can make an oekaki with one of your characters, you choose. I'd like a short fantasy story with a protagonist, antagonist and a princess in dire need. It's supposed to be a dream sequence, with in the end the protagonist wakes up in...
  7. poisonmaster

    User image

    Well, I dunno what you'll think bout it, but I gave it a try. Here you go!.
  8. poisonmaster

    Taking a Request

    Uuh free request? Are you serious? I got a drawing of a lion, but it's in pencil and I have'nt done him in color yet. He has dark brown hair and normal lionfur color. He's a huge metal fan and likes to smoke pot. Is that enough information for you to put up a costume and scene? If you need extra...
  9. poisonmaster

    User image

    How would you prefer him? I could do a try, but then I need to know how he is, what he likes, whats he's doin in his free time etc etc.
  10. poisonmaster

    A trade with ONE person of an obscure Gargoyles Character

    Yo, I could give it a try, if you wanna. Though I do have exams til next tuesday so it might be finished late. You can find the link to my FA-page down here. I'll send you an extra note to your FA-page as a reminder.
  11. poisonmaster

    GW Furry guilds?

    Well im not sure if youve got a guild til now. I'm in a guild, thought its not furry, but if you wanna I can add ya. We're luxons, are in an alliance, have a ventrilo channel and there is no need to pay for the gh XD. In game nick is Teddy Carebear. Toodles!
  12. poisonmaster

    Furry comic books

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astraban Unfortunately it only comes in French or Dutch version X3. Though very cool comic if you like furry AND fantasy :). Only 1 album has been out so far >_> which is a pity... Edit: good news, seems like the second album is just out this year ^_^. Im so...
  13. poisonmaster

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Aww thank you RTDragon ^_^. Thats really sweet of you. As for myself Ive finished the drawing for Magnus =D. Here ya go =). Hope you'll enjoy it ^_^. As for now Ill take a lil break from this thread. So sowwy Dragon =3, Ill have draw you some other time I guess.
  14. poisonmaster

    all time favorite animal!

    1) Bears bears bears!!!! 2) Lions =3 3) Tigiezzzzzz!! X3 4) Wuffies =P 5) Bullzzzzzssss!! Fav animal I would wanna have: a German Shephard, a Shiba Inu or one of those blue eyes huskies X3
  15. poisonmaster

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Go requestball, Magnus I catch you XD!!
  16. poisonmaster

    few fur in country

    Seems like most furs in Europe are in the UK, Holland and France. Not so many in japan, though furry manga just rules ^_^. I just love those bara comics. Maybe they do exist, just under another name... I mean, people might have already seen furryness, but they just don't notice it. For example...
  17. poisonmaster

    Schrix Zirack is on the stage!

    Welcome to the site, pls enjoy your stay here. Have a chat or two, speak up, join the discussions or just simply fool around with us. Oh and if you have any requests, you can always put those in the request section of the forum =).
  18. poisonmaster

    Boogie Woogie Chu~

    Oh my, seems like somebody is a huge poke-fan around here o_o; Anyway, welcome to our forums ^_^. Have a nice and pleasant stay, make friends, join the discussions on the forum, post artsy stuff on you FA-page, with other words let your inner furr-y come out =). Your gallery seems to be quite...
  19. poisonmaster

    I'm not new but she is...

    Ok let's go thru the formalities first... Welcome to FA forums. I wish you have a great time here, make new friends (like you havent done that already), join the discussions, let your voice spoken out and just fool around =). Pls enjoy your stay here. And just to quote somebody: "Free pastries...
  20. poisonmaster

    Please Draw My Fursona! *.* (Request)

    Lol,... you're a nun? o_o I didnt know they have cpu's in convents too =P