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  1. spectre626

    Need a room for MFF

    Looking for a room with space for 2. Male and a female, one suiter. We'd like to find a room at the Hyatt, I'll be volunteering again. But if you have a room in the Hilton we could make that work just as well. Please let us know if you have an opening, we're easy going and long as the room is...
  2. spectre626

    Looking for a room at the Hyatt for MFF this year.

    Which hotel are ya gonna be in?
  3. spectre626

    Looking for a room at the Hyatt for MFF this year.

    Bugger, well I'll keep it in mind. But my friend is trying to vend and I'm probably staffing so really hunting for that illusive Hyatt room. But thanks. I'll definitely consider it.
  4. spectre626

    Huntin for an MFF room.

    Huntin for an MFF room.
  5. spectre626

    Looking for a room at the Hyatt for MFF this year.

    So, I'm 28, male. Will be driving to MFF this year, got a buddy, 35, female. She's gonna be suiting, I'll be volunteering. We need a room. Happy to share a bed, or I'll take the floor. But we'd love a spot. We're both super relaxed folks. I'll be volunteering most of the con, she's hoping to do...
  6. spectre626

    Looking for a room at Midwest Fur Fest in the Hyatt.

    Just trying to find a place in the main hotel. I'm 26, male, and I'm generally about as relaxed as humanly possible. I just need a space on the floor, a pillow, and a blanket, and I'll be happy as can be. I'm happy to of course pay for my portion of the room, and a meal or two for everyone. I...
  7. spectre626

    The Catchphrase Thread

    "It is what it is." has been escaping me consistently. Well, that and "Fuck it, Call in an airstrike."
  8. spectre626

    FurMeets in Sioux Falls, SD?

    I was in Custer earlier this year, lived there for a year. But I'm headin back east. Startin in virginia, and then back up to NYC when I can. I wish ya the best in findin some folks.
  9. spectre626

    Well, made a mistake on the previous one. So new intro right here.

    Howdy do, just yer average odd so and so here to ramble and chat and do whatever the heck it is ya do here. So come on by, lets chat, or...I don't know discuss some sort of plans of world domination.
  10. spectre626


    Don't remember if I actually put anything here, but heyfolks, nice to be here. Drop a line if ya ever wanna chat, I canshare the adventures of moving cross the country with you all. Also, would love suggestions on where to go.
  11. spectre626


    Thankya for the greeting. Hoping to meet some folks here on the forums, movin from Minneapolis to Virginia, hope to meet some folks to hang out with in the area.
  12. spectre626

    Your Character Here: Raving - Starting at $25

    Oh man, I want to bid, but I don't know if I have the money.
  13. spectre626

    Looking to meet some folks in South Dakota

    My apologies, first time ever on this forum and such. Feel free to close the blog, I'll get a new one started in the proper locale.
  14. spectre626

    Looking to meet some folks in South Dakota

    So yeah, I just moved from New York to South Dakota...specifically Custer. I'm just looking to see if there are any furries in the area. I'm more an art fan, but I'm getting more into things. But I just want to find some folks to talk to, what with the sudden shift in locale for me. So yeah, let...