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  1. joshine

    How much anatomy is really necessary? (Rant Warning)

    Just curious: why would you not want to improve?
  2. joshine

    Joshine's Adoptables [premades + customs available]

    ✨ New Designs Available ✨
  3. joshine

    Joshine's Adoptables [premades + customs available]

    Original Species Adopts: Plasmodai Premade Plasmodai: Purple Plasmodai $17 as is + $5 for custom genitalia ref + $7 for nude ref Made to Order Plasmodai: $20 for a thigh high ref w/ color swatches +5$ for genitalia reference The plasmodai are a species made up of sentient ionized gas...
  4. joshine

    wlw book suggestions

    Women Loving Women It’s a short way to say any woman/woman romance and more inclusive than “lesbian”.
  5. joshine

    wlw book suggestions

    So I'm interested in wlw books, but often the ones I find have, honestly, terrible writing - and I can't enjoy them at all, as much as I might try. A lot of the time lists I find on the internet that are geared toward queer books don't really look at the quality of the writing, just the...
  6. joshine

    New Artist

    Hi I'm a new artist and I've mostly been drawing humans/humanoids. I want to get into furry art to be better at drawing animals/mythical creatures/hybrids. Basically, I want to be able to make really original character designs, and I'm really into making cool adoptables. Nice to meet you!
  7. joshine

    Joshine's Adoptables [premades + customs available]

    TOS: After you buy: You receive unwatermarked image. Rights to the character to do want with them. Feel free to repost my art of them (as long as you link to me). 25% off if you ever commission me to draw them - for as long as you have the character! Please don't sell for more than you paid...
  8. joshine

    Artist | They/Them | 21

    Artist | They/Them | 21