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  1. Shirokage

    Roleplay Fails

    To me, RP is like fishing. I throw out some bait and see what it attracts. It's a guarantee that some undersized fish is going to nibble on it, but the trick is not to reel in your line until something substantial comes along. Sure, I've gotten some throwbacks every now and then, but I've also...
  2. Shirokage

    Are you a Shy fur?

    I like to do stuffs, and not so much sitting around talking. So if there's a party and people are playing games and dancing, count me in. If it's a meet and greet over coffee and not much else...I'll find a poolhall around the corner and meet people there.
  3. Shirokage

    7 Days to Die?

    I'm pretty active on this game's main forum, though under my usual nickname. Been playing it since alpha 2 and still have loads of fun. It's easily one of my top 5 favorite pc games.
  4. Shirokage

    What do you drive?

    Nice to see a couple other jeepers. '93 Wrangler for me. It's easy to work on and gets me to the best camping spots.
  5. Shirokage

    Multiple fursonas? A few questions.

    I keep my fursonas tied to the games I play that I'm able to bring them to (mostly MMOs). Shiro was my original and will always be the main; but since his conception, I have added 3 brothers and an uncle to his family and each member suits a different gaming style and mood for me.
  6. Shirokage

    Furry Stereotypes/common Traits: Ones You Have, Ones You Don't

    Furstuff I'm into: anthro characters in video games, movies, books, and good anime. Furstuff I'm not into: I only like glitter if it's on a stripper.
  7. Shirokage

    Fucked up joke thread.

    What's the best thing about dating twenty nine year olds? There's twenty of them.
  8. Shirokage


    Go to your friends' houses and swap all the ketchup into mustard containers and mustard into ketchup containers.
  9. Shirokage

    I came, I lurked, I registered.

    I don't worry so much about others' spelling, the asterisk was just me being facetious so I could put what I really drank in the footnote.
  10. Shirokage

    I came, I lurked, I registered.

    I think hot totties* are what lead to the sick to begin with. *by hot totties, I mean shots of fireball and beers. =^.^=
  11. Shirokage

    The stigma of "acting furry".

    If I had shirts or hoodies with furry art on them, I'd wear them as easily as anything else I had. But I wouldn't wear anything involving yiffing anymore than I would wear anything to do with porn. As far as ears, tails, collars go...those are all accessories, just like scarves, headbands, etc...
  12. Shirokage

    Kinpachi Shirokage, since the beginning.

    Without a solid frame of reference(what exists in the current world for him), I have to generalize his enemies. He is open minded enough not to be blinded by his prejudices, even if he still has them.
  13. Shirokage


    I thought the first half was a bit slow, but I figured if it was worth the hype, that was when the important details were happening. I definitely enjoyed the last half and am glad I stuck with it.
  14. Shirokage

    Kinpachi Shirokage, since the beginning.

    Name: Kinpachi Shirokage Age: Elder (never measured in years) Sex: Male Species: Felpurr/Vah Shir/Khajit/Kerra/Firran/Anthro-White Tiger Height: Average Weight: a bit on the lithe-yet-well-built side Appearance: - Hair and fur: White fur, a bit of grey is starting to touch his chinfur -...
  15. Shirokage

    I came, I lurked, I registered.

    @Mousu- about the only time I really drink tea is when I'm sick, so that + a lot of soup and old sci fi movies have helped me get over the worst of it. @Sliqq- Naw, it was just a cold. The congestion is migrating to my lungs, so now it's just the coughing it out of my system phase...
  16. Shirokage


    I have to wonder if escapism really relies on things that are creative or considered fantasy and not just outside the norm for our daily lives. One of the reasons I go camping is to get away from the meaningless bullshit people create in their own lives. All that drama and stress over things...
  17. Shirokage

    I came, I lurked, I registered.

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I would have replied sooner but have been fighting a sick and just didn't feel like much more than laying in bed and watching movies.
  18. Shirokage

    Favorite YouTuber(s)

    Cinema Sins, WatchMojo, HISHE, Honest Trailers, Epic Rap Battles, and Black Nerd Comedy.
  19. Shirokage


    I tried Archeage out for a few months, but in the end lack of content and incompetent producers motivated me to return to EQ2. The game could have turned out very nicely, but it seemed that everything they had to offer was only half-assed. PvP was supposed to be the main part of the end game...
  20. Shirokage

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Still playing Eq2 for my MMO of choice, then it's 7 days to die, Dead Rising 3, and Rust. Once I get a new pc I'll reinstall The Forest for some good coop horror.