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    My First Suit Head, Critigues?

    Thanks! I feel like you're right about the paws, I'm trying to think a better way to do it, luckily I didn't securely glue them down, just tacked them down with a little bit, I'll try to smooth them out!
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    My First Suit Head, Critigues?

    I've made some handpaws, well, I made the padding for them, I'm not sure how it'll turn out with fur... but I prefer them padded as it makes them less flat. I prefer experimenting than following tutorials, what do you guys think? Here Here Here
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    My First Suit Head, Critigues?

    So, I finished sculpting and outting the eyes into my first head. I scrapped quite a few before getting to this point. I tried for some follow-me-eyes, but i didn't quite get it right, however, it was a learning process, and I can do it better next time. I got the tongue, teeth, horns, and...
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    De-furring work?

    Write how you want, if it sounds stupid to you, fix it, but don't change it for an audience. If you like it, write it.
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    hi, I'm neocmiri

    Wasup, welcome ^.^ I'd help ypu figure out a new sona but honestly I'm not that good, but I hope someone helps you out. Again, welcome!
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    Stuffed hand paws

    Thanks man!
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    Stuffed hand paws

    Can you give me some advice on how you did it? I've been wanting to make stuffed ones two, but I don't know of the best way. Sorry no one bothered to help you out :[
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    Hey dude, thanks man! Wolves and dragons are my passion yo. Bordering on obsessive almost haha.

    Hey dude, thanks man! Wolves and dragons are my passion yo. Bordering on obsessive almost haha.
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    Angel Dragon "rules"?

    I understand the need to feel protective of your species, but it's literally just the dumbest thing ever. Does someone have a copyright on the entire feline species? No. That would be silly. I understand, but it's stupid. The fact that that actual says it's copyrighted pisses me off. It's not...
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    I avoid dehumanising people at all costs. Well... that's a lie, actually. I try to. I've dehumanised people who've made me feel like crap. Even unintentionally. I don't to their face, but I can't help but think of them as nothing, and garbage. Also, just general Jackasses. People with no moral...
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    Unpopular fursonas

    I can agree that there's way too many wolves, that don't stop me from loving them tho. Honestly tho, I wanna see more avians and ferrets. And goats. Avians are amazing, especially when they're actually full on avian. Ferrets and Goats are just awesome though. I've seen a few goats before, but...
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    I dunno what to tell you man, we got tons of vehicles stock full of wasps and hornets and bees on our property, and we can't figure out a safe way to get rid of them. Best option would be to call some pest control guys or something.
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    Don't even get me started on nostalgia bro. Pokemon, gameboy advance, a lot of games and cartoons have a lot of my nostalgia. And even some stuff that wasn't really that long ago, its just because I've had a lot of changes, so I have a lot of things to give me nostalgia.
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    How old do you look?

    I'm 16, but I look a little older as some people inform me. I don't see it tho :b
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    Is it normal to make like 5 attempts at a foam base?

    I guess my next step is converting one of these rooms into a workplace in that case I'd rather not choke in my sleep lmao :v
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    Nice to meet you man, I'm pretty new here too. Welcome my friend c:
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    Is it normal to make like 5 attempts at a foam base?

    Good ideas I might post some pictures for some help, and I might cut some things off for scraps, thanks for the tips you guys I dunno about putting selling the bad heads, it'll make my money back, but I'd rather have the foam, but it's a good idea none the less! You're all pretty cool :3
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    Is it normal to make like 5 attempts at a foam base?

    I've been trying to perfect a Cheetah head for my boyfriend because I ended up promising to make him my first fursuit and I have already made 3 heads and had to reorder some 1/2 foam. I feel like most people make 1 base and then they take it as good enough but I guess it's just cause it's my...
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    Cliché furries

    Canines just... so many... canines I mean don't get me wrong, canines are awesome but theres nothing more cliche than a canine, and despite the fact I love felines, they seem to come in a near second, but I think canines are most definitely the most dominant fursona you will ever see.
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    Wolf-Dragon Reference Sheet (Budget $80) 3 Positions

    Thank you all for your helpfulness! I've found somebody to do it, and thanks again all you guys, you're all pretty awesome at what you do c: