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  1. icehawk

    I want search function back, please.

    Oh InnoDB, when aren't you horribly slow! (that query would take less than 10 ms on a MyISAM table of equivalent size receiving 500 updates/second)
  2. icehawk

    Lab Fox Report: Google Chrome on FurAffinity

    That doesn't immediately look like a security problem, or even a crash to me. Looks like they it's trying to deal with undefined handlers by calling into the debugger (INT 3 is the special assembly instruction used as a debugger breakpoint), which looks like a crash when you don't have a...
  3. icehawk

    Site down again?

    As counterintuitive as it sounds, you don't put machines in a datacenter on individual UPSes, since the EPO button has to kill all of the power in a facility. This is totally why I label ports and both ends of a cable.
  4. icehawk

    Open the codebase

    Just because a codebase is open, doesn't mean that every tom, dick and harry is going to have commit access.
  5. icehawk

    Site down again?

    You may not, but the Open Group, who is the certifying body for the UNIX trademark, says it's UNIX.
  6. icehawk

    What is Terragen (and why it should be allowed in FA)

    Not that ancient. I still have a number of film cameras, and a very large list of slides(!)/negatives that need scanning. You could also ask the reverse: "If someone draws something, and say it's technically excellent, but they did it because they were bored, is it still art?" but yeah, the...
  7. icehawk

    What is Terragen (and why it should be allowed in FA)

    I don't really care about Terragen, but I could technically say the same thing about actual landscape photography. The landscape is already there, and short of hiring a construction crew, or starting a fire, there's very little I can do to change the scenery itself. I can move myself around...
  8. icehawk

    End if the internet?

    Too late, we're already doing that. My LAN has 1.84467441 × 10^19 IP addresses assigned to it (aka a /64.)
  9. icehawk

    Microsoft talks about retiring Windows and where to go from there

    isn't this just a regurgitation of 'thin clients' and 'the network is the computer' (which themselves are rehashes of dumb terminals?)
  10. icehawk

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    You must be new to software development. We just shipped a product at work that was originally due in October '07. A few weeks is nothing.
  11. icehawk

    I just had a baaaad thought....

    Then OH NOEZ you might have to wait slightly longer to fap to your porn than if the server wasn't overloaded. It's not going to suddenly overload, catch on fire and burn down the datacenter or anything.
  12. icehawk

    Server Hardware Argument Thread!

    Re: Server Installation - Sched. Monday 28JUL08 Yes. From what I've heard previous servers were whitebox.
  13. icehawk

    Server Hardware Argument Thread!

    Re: Server Installation - Sched. Monday 28JUL08 This is true, but the service Dell and others provide is on-site, so you call them and they come over with parts (within 4 hours if you've paid for that) and they do the replacement for you.
  14. icehawk

    Server Hardware Argument Thread!

    Re: Server Installation - Sched. Monday 28JUL08 Only if the meltdown happens when the store is open, which, in my experience, never happens. In fact just this morning I had a disk cook itself at 1AM after an incident with the AC.
  15. icehawk

    Trogdor Server Shipped

    Unless you're a organization that can handle the support requirements, whiteboxing critical servers is a very bad idea, especially with the kind of service contracts that manufactures can provide (like 4 hour on site replacement.)
  16. icehawk

    Server Hardware Fault

    It looks like this, it sounds like a jet trying to take off when you start it, and you could use it as a hair dryer if you were to stick your head behind it while it's running.
  17. icehawk

    Server Hardware Fault

    You just answered your own question. At work a hardware problem like this would last approximately half an hour, since, as soon as we noticed the machine having problems, it'd be taken out of production and the warm spare would be promoted. But I can only do that because we have the budget to...
  18. icehawk

    What new perks would you be willing to pay extra for?

    Only if I can have a setting that disables displaying that.
  19. icehawk

    Server Hardware Fault

    Will it blend? If it blends, you can drink it.
  20. icehawk

    New Servers

    They may be pricey but I haven't yet had any problems with the PowerEdge boxes I have at work, and those things are heavily loaded all the time.