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  1. Spaceberry

    Team Fortress 2!

    i like the 24 hour 2fort servers. by far my favourite map, with something for every class to do :) Nice and balanced, no rush to grab intelligence. Just freedom.
  2. Spaceberry

    Worst Game Endings of ALL Time?

    anyone remember Timeshift? It was like a reskin of the mario endings, he rescues the woman and then gets skipped off to his next adventure.
  3. Spaceberry

    End of the World

    Can't remember the details, but there seriously is supposedly a meteor that is going to hit or pass really close by earth in the next few decades. Was quite an eerie discovery...
  4. Spaceberry

    Man, screw new crap.

    Find time to replay Chrono trigger now and then, sometimes discover a new ending, always a surprise.
  5. Spaceberry

    Ima chargin ma lazer!

    kay, let's keep it g rated :( i'll behave -_-
  6. Spaceberry

    Today I am reminded why new game companies are rare.

    It appears that graphics aren't so much the issue now as the demographic they seem to appeal. i mean take Haze, pretty average graphics but still aims for the shooter demographic and manages. Then take Mario Galaxy, really impressive galaxy that some crowds avoid thinking its "too kiddy"
  7. Spaceberry

    Ima chargin ma lazer!

    ought i to be offended? T_T
  8. Spaceberry

    How would you describe your style?

    Primitive :) i've practice to do T_T
  9. Spaceberry

    New one! Ferren here ^_^

    *voiceover* the enemy has captured the cookie! *great TF2 comic* http://fanboys-online.com/index.php?comic=280
  10. Spaceberry

    Ima chargin ma lazer!

    In response to the lovely Nom! thread. I'd like to begin the Shoop da Woop thread. I know you're reading this Jarz =_= post any shoop da woops you have, or a picture you think should be shoop da woop-ed!
  11. Spaceberry

    End of the World

    meteor though *screams and points*
  12. Spaceberry

    Fursona Main Theme Songs! =D

    Yakety Sax (benny hill)...
  13. Spaceberry

    any Jazz fans out there?

    I love Jazz, hate to add nerdism to it but the Sam and Max soundtrack was a brilliant jaz score.
  14. Spaceberry

    End of the World

    the same thing that happened 6/6/06. *gasp* nothing :) any idea how many doomsday predictions have passed in our lifetimes alone? Worry more about that meteor approaching earth *points*
  15. Spaceberry

    NWChicago Hello!

    woop woop woop! bye BlueLiDar
  16. Spaceberry

    Today I am reminded why new game companies are rare.

    i think there are too many new companies. They release possibly one new hit title and then get absorbed. Take doublefine for example. Psychonauts was amazing, now after years they're finally working on a new game (brutal)... no not paws of fury (that was fun game XD)
  17. Spaceberry

    NWChicago Hello!

    Introductory cookie for you. welcome! now technically im hiding from alblaka. soo. *runs*
  18. Spaceberry

    New one! Ferren here ^_^

    *gasps at lack of cookies* i'll take my business elsewhere. *hides in the next room, i'm totally not there*
  19. Spaceberry

    Kung Fu Panda actually has a room for sequel *spoilers I guess*

    over the hedge was amazing. forgot that was dreamworks.