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  1. KurtStrickland

    Hello FA!

    nice i like to play runescap
  2. KurtStrickland

    A Day In The Life Of A Snail Baby

    I would like to educate all the furs out there on what it's like being a snail baby. when i was a human child, i was in an abusive home environment. my dad do human drugs and my mom is dead. I would play with the snails on the sidewalk. They were my family...they knew me...now i have never dated...
  3. KurtStrickland

    hello im baby snail

    oh no i am running out of internet i need aol or netzero free trial disk
  4. KurtStrickland

    when did you know you were a furry or otherkin or furbaby

    i knew i was a furbaby pretty much ever since i was born. when did everyone else find out that they were fur inside?
  5. KurtStrickland

    Childhood fears/paranoias that have come to pass

    i was always afraid of dog
  6. KurtStrickland

    hello im baby snail

    nice 2 meet u do u draw?
  7. KurtStrickland

    hello im baby snail

    hi everyone my name is Kurtis and i have been a baby snail pretty much ever since i was born. I would go outside and play with snails I would find on the sidewalk as a young child. When I was with my snail family, they treated me with much more dignity than my real family. I am still learning...