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  1. Zulus

    What do you look for in the fandom?

    I just join for the art and memes. Not sure why but furries have the best self-depreciating memes. And obviously for the porn as well.
  2. Zulus

    What are your personality flaws?

    I wanted to meet new people but somehow I just managed to push everyone away. It's just that every time some one talks to me I seemed to put up a wall between us. Can anyone relate to this?
  3. Zulus

    Anyone else bothered by furry art growing as an outlet to push personal agendas?

    Never really seen any political furry art at all really. Unless if you take femboy foxes as some kinda political stance, then I'm all for it.
  4. Zulus

    Ran out of ideas

    Okay so I really want to practice more on my art especially on anatomy and stuff but I think I ran outta ideas on what to draw now. Anyone here can suggest some different themes or styles for me and how do you guys usually overcome your artist block?
  5. Zulus

    Drawing programs

    Im using Firealpaca cuz it is free. It is pretty fast with no lag. The only small annoyance is the small ad that shows up every time I start up the program.
  6. Zulus

    Will Blizzard will sue you if you draw nsfw overwatch characters?

    I'm guessing you've never seen the amount of worgens and orcs nsfw art on e621 and tumblr?
  7. Zulus

    Weird question... did any of you get into the furry fandom despite having a fear of mascot suits?

    Yeah mascots are at the similar level as clowns for me. They fall into that uncanny valley that really makes me uneasy.
  8. Zulus

    Does the fandom make people gay?

    Huh. Oddly enough I went from gay to somewhat bi after joining this fandom. Must have been those femfoxes...
  9. Zulus

    Looking for Artists to Watch!

    Maybe you should specify what type of art do you wanna see most. Do you mind NSFW stuff?
  10. Zulus

    How's your relationship with your dreams?

    Most of my dreams are like Inception. Basically moving between places that doesn't seemed to connect to each other and the day-night cycle is just randomized. Sometimes it can be quite scary if I can still remember them after I woke up.
  11. Zulus

    Critique is welcome for my picture

    The thighs should have the same width as the distance between shoulders.
  12. Zulus

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    Triangle (2009). Mindfuck/ time loop movie. For those that are interested in this movie, pay attention to her clothings.
  13. Zulus

    Critique is welcome for my picture

    Why is the thighs so wide? The elbows are not on the same level.
  14. Zulus

    Not able to enjoy art because of envy

    When you look at someone else's art, take note of when they joined FA and maybe look through some of their early arts. You will be surprised to see that most artists improve slowly over time and may even change their style constantly. Just know that every artist feel the same way as you in their...
  15. Zulus

    Anyone from SouthEastAsia

    Wow how do you know so many people from across Asia? Did you studied abroad or something?
  16. Zulus

    Anyone from SouthEastAsia

    Hey I'm from Malaysia! It's kinda sad that furry fandom is almost non-existent in this region.
  17. Zulus

    Can someone please critique my line art (slightly NSFW)

    Yeah I noticed that the pose seemed slanted too so I rotated it a little.
  18. Zulus

    Can someone please critique my line art (slightly NSFW)

    Thanks for the response. You're right I think I really need to work more on the faces.
  19. Zulus

    Uncommon Species

    Rarely see a giraffe. Would be cool if someone managed to pull off a giraffe fursuit.
  20. Zulus

    Can someone please critique my line art (slightly NSFW)

    I think I have hit the wall on my drawing. When I look back on my art they just looked weird yet I can't tell what went wrong. Here is one of my upcoming work: I would really appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on the anatomy, posture etc. Thanks!