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  1. JupiterJay

    Free Art: [SFW] Taking requests!

    magic and shiny rocks??? i had to draw them collecting gems!! I also made a quick headshot sketch bc i love them sm super cute!!! I can also send non watermark versions!
  2. JupiterJay

    Hello! What would you recommend?

    I recommend starting with the basics, learning different lines, 2d shapes, 3d shapes, proportions, ect. Find an art community group, I like using discord! They can give you very valuable feedback and support. Tutorial on practicing/warm up: [LINK] This artist has very good tutorials: [LINK]...
  3. JupiterJay


    I feel that about the competition feeling, it gets to me too, especially on DeviantArt when the website makes the exposure a little hard. Requests are like commissions, only you don't pay and you don't usually get anything specific. For example anyone can request a character, but it's up to...
  4. JupiterJay


    I do have one but I never draw them, it's just a long evans (black and white) rat with my wild curly hair lmao. I hope you find an animal you really connect with enough to make a sona out of, it can be fun!! and booo that nonsense about not having the skill, it's about having fun! plus there...
  5. JupiterJay


    Bro the coats on Akhal Tekes, im obsessed!!! Teddy sounds like a riot , though I hope you find lessons where you are!! You sound very passionate about them! Rats are so good, they're such sweethearts and they learn tricks and they love to cuddle. They even wag their tails! I love the huge...
  6. JupiterJay


    I never really minded them tbh, I stayed away and kept my human characters close. It wasn't until I got to take care of rats that really started up my interest. I was in denial for a while (Jewel is my first good furry OC, they're my icon!) until I decided to just say hell with it and join diff...
  7. JupiterJay


    Welcome!! Can't wait to see your art and writing!! I'm a little new to the fandom too and it does have a ton of nice people! What got you into the fandom?
  8. JupiterJay

    Vent Thread

    MAN its so fucking rude to beg me for comms on my own art posts. like bro MY comms are open, fuck you think i got money??? lmao
  9. JupiterJay

    Free Art: [SFW] Taking requests!

    Dude I loved drawing her!! She's so cute and her design is so *chefs kiss* I hope you like these, I also did a little bonus sketch of her just for fun. If you want I can send unwatermarked versions through PM's!
  10. JupiterJay

    Free Art: Free Bat Adopts! (CLOSED)

    Could I have the double rainbow one? I'll give them a good home!!
  11. JupiterJay

    What's your recent food craving?

    I'm craving a burger. I am *always* craving a burger.
  12. JupiterJay


    Not my first post but hello!!! I'm really just here to share and make art, but I find the community very friendly and welcoming. I used to roleplay a lot too but I'm new to furry rp and don't know where to start? Feels a little intimidating tbh! In the meantime though I hope to make some good...
  13. JupiterJay

    Free Art: [SFW] Taking requests!

    Hey everyone!! Hope y'all are having a good year so far! :cool: I'd like to start taking requests here to practice my furry art! I'm excited to hear and see everyone's OCs! Art examples are attatched, but you can also find my galleries in my signature! ✪ NO NSFW. This includes fetishes. I may...
  14. JupiterJay

    Free Art: Free bunny adopts! 0/5 CLOSEd

    Could I get the lovecore one if it's still available? Thank you!!
  15. JupiterJay

    Request: Would anyone like to draw my newest character? She's a fox.

    Hi!! I hope I did her right, I thought the design was super cute so I did a super quick headshot. I'm also so in love with the colors for her so I tried not to change any! Do you have her on toyhous.e? I'd love to drop a fav!