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  1. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Wii and Ds game questions help anyone?

    Meh...Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is fun sometimes, but it's an awfully short game in my opinion. I don't enjoy it all that much (Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is MUCH better), but I collect Final Fantasy games, even if I don't get to play them.
  2. Mizuhana Kositeru

    How do you wake up?

    Bleh, no thank you! I can't stand the stuff. I'll take a SoBe or some Sprite instead. (Can't have caffeine)
  3. Mizuhana Kositeru

    How do you wake up?

    If I wake up on the floor I: 1. wonder why I'm so sore, then look around and grumpily wonder why (once again) I am not 3 feet from the ground in my bed. 2. lie there for a bit, getting the strength to get up and restraining the urge to break something. 3. stand up and shut off alarm clock that...
  4. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Stargate Universe?

    I don't plan on watching the new Stargate series but only because I'm so busy. I would love to get to watch it though. Maybe I'll have my dad record it for me sometime. Also, the community television in the common room in my dormitory is usually taken into viewing from before I get home, to the...
  5. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Panda bites idiot

    Oh God. And the "kid" was a University student. That really made me laugh aloud. I'd ask how stupid one can be to try this, but, jeez. Poor panda. it's even face-palming itself in that picture, like, "What a moron..."
  6. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Did you vote in the US presidential election of 2008?

    This was my first year voting, and reading everything on the Colorado ballot was entirely all too confusing. With everything being one run-on sentence in the length of a paragraph, it was hard to keep my head from spinning. Amendment 48, however, was one thing that I actually understood after...
  7. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Barack Obama is the new president of the USA

    My roommate and I practically screamed. Now I can't wait until January...well, I can, but I'm pretty stoked for Obama to really be set in office. Assassination...so early to talk about, not that it hasn't already been thought of by those random racist retards, and so sad.
  8. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Meat consumption?

    I LOVE certain types of meat (Are you gonna eat that beef? No? OMNOMNOM) and there are others that I do not care for at all. Fish I will not touch, and I am allergic to shellfish. I do not eat goat or lamb, and after an unpleasant run-in with dog-meat (Shenzi is right, it does kind of taste like...
  9. Mizuhana Kositeru

    The Happiness Thread...

    Actually, I only like specific drinks. If they're not fruity, I won't touch them with a ten-foot straw. It's not often that I have an alcoholic drink either--I'd say more than one drink a month is even an exaggeration. The rarity of being able to drink helps me to appreciate the drink more. On...
  10. Mizuhana Kositeru

    The Happiness Thread...

    Music, my two best friends, my cat, snowstorms, thunderstorms, weather below freezing temperatures, the ocean, buff-n-handsome Polynesian men, animals, my plushie, Smirnoff Ice (not the pomegranate flavour though. That one's boring and kind of blah.) and pina coladas. Also, singing and dancing.
  11. Mizuhana Kositeru


    Just two of my hobbies are singing and writing. I know not everyone thinks they have the capability to sing, but when you actually apply yourself to making your own melodic sound it can be very entertaining. Also, I think writing just kind of speaks for itself. For me, it's very relaxing and I...
  12. Mizuhana Kositeru

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I do image data filing, restoration and editing in my job, and I quite enjoy it. Not only is it quiet and easy work, I don't have to deal with people except my boss and the occasional coworker if they're in the lab at the same time as myself. Also, I do commission work for my art, and I'm a...
  13. Mizuhana Kositeru

    I haves a surrious question about sleep problems

    I can relate to not having a normal sleep schedule since I was in elementary school, but it's different than what you are presenting here. I am very sorry though--everybody deserves a good sleep and to have at least something of a sleeping pattern. It's probably a very obvious question, but...
  14. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Is this a good job? Please read/help!

    No no no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Pyramid scheme much.
  15. Mizuhana Kositeru


    I think it's bogus, but then again this is coming from someone who has never had anyone successful hypnotise her. Failure every time, and it's been tried about 4 times on me in the past. Also, those that I have seen who claim to have been hypnotised, and when I even "watch it happen" seem to...
  16. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Your Majors

    At my first college, I majored in Computer Sciences. I absolutely love computers and technology, but that degree just wasn't working for me. I was about 8 months from graduating. Last year I started at a University, majoring in Visual Arts, emphasis in Graphic Arts. Again, computers, but...I...
  17. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Animal Shaped Dilldos

    Oh, that's who that idiot was. Crap, what a way to die.
  18. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Shooting a Documentary

    I think it sounds kinda cool, actually, if not just like a really fun idea. If you're going all the way to New York though, I'm thinkin' it might take a little longer than the week you want, maybe more like two weeks. Definitely bring the pepper spray. That stuff hurts like a mofo, so don't...
  19. Mizuhana Kositeru

    Who dies first?

    None of them. So, yeah, I'd pretty much be losing my head, but in the end I wouldn't care about that, would I? :P Besides, I wouldn't really have the right to play God to these people's lives, and the only way I'd find myself on a game show like that would be by force or utter randomness. (Where...
  20. Mizuhana Kositeru

    No Such Thing as a Bisexual Man?

    I'm straight, but I have to agree with Nylak in the sense that I can definitely be physically attracted to males, while the thought of having sex with one is absolutely disgusting. It's easy to be physically attracted to someone, and it doesn't always have to do with, ya know, sex. I can swoon...