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  1. Krevan

    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    https://signup.leagueoflegends.com?ref=4b753fd4dd19a League of legends, F2P Battle arena game similar to DOTA summoner name is Krevan. Hit me up!
  2. Krevan

    F2P League of Legends

    https://signup.leagueoflegends.com?ref=4b753fd4dd19a <--- Free download page For everyone who hasn't heard, League of Legends is a "Battle Arena" style game developed by RIOT which pits players in five vs. five games where the objective is to push your enemy back and destroy their base...
  3. Krevan

    I got my first dog yesterday!

    Congrats on the doggy :)
  4. Krevan

    Remembrance Day, is it worth remembering?

    Murder is such a dirty word. I prefer the term... hunting trip.
  5. Krevan

    Joining the Army. Advice?

    Thanks Mojo, by the way Shenze, what MOS were you considering?
  6. Krevan

    Loneliness thread.

    Well, I get lonely at times overseas. I know theres tons of people that love and care about me but Im 8,000 miles from them. Whenever I start to miss them I re-read letters they send me. And in the army theres really not too many friends, just people you learn to tolerate haha. I enjoy coming on...
  7. Krevan

    Left for dead 2 demo

    Really gotta get this when I come back, does the chainsaw run out of fuel?
  8. Krevan

    Joining the Army. Advice?

    Hey Shenzebo, I'd love to give you some more helpful advice but I'm busy as hell at the moment right now. I'm an army tanker currently overseas atm. Were in the process of packing up and I rarely have time to get online (Ill be home for turkey day :D) My advice for you is to read everything in...
  9. Krevan

    Guns vs Swords

    Guns hands down, though everyone needs a good knife
  10. Krevan

    Custom painted PC cases

    Hmm, I never thought about checking a place that isnt computer cases etc only. Theres quite a few sign shops near base and my house. Ill definitely check those out. Thanks man ;)
  11. Krevan

    gross work/school experences anyone?

    Too many to list in Iraq. Iraqis dont have a sewage system of course (Hell they dont even have toilets) so it all runs off into the streets into what we call "The Dark Water" Anyways one of our vehicles got stuck in a four way intersection two feet deep in pure human Iraqi waste. We had to wade...
  12. Krevan

    Custom painted PC cases

    So I was thinking about building a computer from scratch for the first time when I come back from Iraq as kind of a project to bide the time and learn more about the In & Outs of a computer. A lot of the cases I see on sites seem kind of bland and generic and was hoping to get a TF2 theme done...
  13. Krevan


    I hated the first one but the second one looks like its got potential. Got my eyes on it
  14. Krevan

    Videos that you watch to make you happy

    I completely laughed my ass off at TF2 Heavy sells Kaboom
  15. Krevan

    *Military Furs* Go the distance

    Thanks Wolf Eyes, what you guys do really means a lot to us. People whos kindness I definately wont forget!
  16. Krevan

    *Military Furs* Go the distance

    Thanks a lot guys (Didnt know you were on the forums Crush! haha), I am on R&R right now and this video is the real deal. When our plane was landing they had firetrucks making an arch with the water hoses that the plane taxied through. When we got into the airport, the EVERY single person stood...
  17. Krevan


    I tried once and it just wasnt my style :/
  18. Krevan

    Arma 2 and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    Hmm thanks, the changing the resolutions helped considerably but the choppiness is still unplayable. I got the game on steam so it should be fully updated, Ill see how the performance is in multiplayer and fiddle with it.
  19. Krevan

    Arma 2 and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    Thanks for the invite dude, I got it but im having too many problems playing it. My computer is a decent dell xps and even on the lowest settings it doesnt flow smoothly. Any ideas?
  20. Krevan

    Arma 2 and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    Im gonna try to get my hands on ArmA tonight