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  1. xiath

    The 911 Thread

    I have never personally dialed 911, but my cousin has... I was in South Dakota visiting family. Being the oldest, I was designated as the baby sitter of my younger cousins (not sure of their ages, but I'll guess at around 3, 5, and 13 at the time) while everyone else went out for dinner...
  2. xiath

    When was the last time you cried?

    Last night/ early this morning. I had found out that in an argument with his mother, my BF told her about us. Being the southern baptist that she is, she took almost everything that can be used to contact me away from him. Bear in mind this is a long distance relationship. The first round...
  3. xiath

    Minecraft server

    wow. I logged on to the server for the first time just now and I instantly felt like a noob seeing everything that people have made. My Minecraft username is EtomicX btw.
  4. xiath

    A new hobby

    Oh dear God. The memories and the hurt on my wallet will forever haunt me. I have a RC helo that was literally a money pit every time you crashed it. I remember within 5 minutes of turning it on for the first time I ended up breaking something just from landing a little too fast. Then there was...
  5. xiath

    The Worst Place to have an Itch

    A week ago I would have said the bottom of your foot but I decided to choose other. The reason for me choosing other is I got a helix (ear cartilage) piercing on Saturday and today it itches like crazy. The worst part is the fact that you can reach it, but you aren't allowed to scratch it...
  6. xiath

    What Are You Listening To?

    I just listened to The Whirlwind by Transatlantic. All 77 minutes of it.
  7. xiath

    Which style is more successful (L4D and TF2)

    I would have to say it's a mix really. From a more organized TF2 standpoint (6v6), it is very important that each person should know their role in the team and be able to make quick decisions on their own (ie, in starcraft type terms [I think lol] they control the 'micro' strategy). However...
  8. xiath

    Unusual Instruments

    I guess my penny whistle could be considered unusual to some. That and from time to time I get the "wtf? That's not a bass! it has 5 strings and bass guitars only have 4!" But by far my most unusual instrument is my bowed psaltery. But I've always wanted to get either a hurdy-gurdy, a...
  9. xiath

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    My gaming life has been consumed by Minecraft lately. It's so simple, but so much fun.
  10. xiath

    How do you dress IRL?

    It depends really. If I'm lazy I will just wear a T-shirt (either black or white), black jeans, and black and white vans. If I'm not lazy I might wear a dressy long sleeved shirt, a tie, a vest (if the shirt under it is white), and my pocket watch. (I don't always wear all of that, but that...
  11. xiath

    Seriously how furry can you get?

    I'm the furry that: Likes the clean art that this fandom produces from time to time. Would like to go to at least one convention in my lifetime. Would like to try fursuiting once or twice but can't see spending 2 GRAND on one when I could buy a car for that. Now owns and hosts a furry fandom...
  12. xiath

    What's the next piece of kit you're snagging?

    I have one of those! They are great! My next pieces of gear will be a Audio-Technica At2020 microphone, a mixing board, and a mic stand so I don't sound like crap on my podcast. That and for recording music. The next instrument I have my eyes on is the Kurzweil PC3k keyboard. Damn sexy.
  13. xiath

    Masterbation = More Probable Eye Problems?

    Lol. I remember that! *insert over used 'Christmas story' quote here*
  14. xiath

    Bad Parenting

    The only example of bad parenting that comes to mind right now is when I had to baby sit my cousins. I was playing guitar hero with my other cousin when my younger cousin (who is a spoiled brat) asked me if I can make her a hotdog. I told her that I would as soon as I was done. She then...
  15. xiath

    Strangest way you ever injured yourself?

    I was shooting a muzzle-loader with my uncle and I didn't press my face against the stock hard enough. When I fired the gun the stock hit my cheek. The inside of my cheek got sliced up because I had braces at the time. Oh, and then there was that time that my friends and myself decided that...
  16. xiath

    Your occupation? (Is there a poll for this?)

    I'm a sound tech for a band. I love it when all of the gear is set up and all you have to do is flick a switch and do some level checks. But I hate it when we have to set up the lighting, our sound system, and the stage. Then tear it all down again after the show. 14 hour days suck...
  17. xiath

    Being Called by Your Species Name

    Funny thing. I was called "coyote" by my uncle years before I knew what a furry was, and that is the reason why it's part of my species. That and my boss calls me coyote... so I'm used to it.
  18. xiath

    Do your parents treat you like a kid? (mainly for the adults of the site)

    It's the opposite for me. I have been treated like an adult for probably a year to two years now (I'm currently 18 ). It's almost like having a rent-free,free food,free laundry, apartment room in my mothers house. Don't get me wrong, I don't plan on living here past 21 years old. Granted I...
  19. xiath

    PC Gaming: Better or Worse than a console?

    The way I see it is somewhere along the lines of: Console gaming is cheaper. PC gaming offers more customization. (ie.easy to access mods [Like I use a mod for TF2 that lowers the graphics level even lower than the game will normally let you, thus squeezing every ounce of...
  20. xiath

    FursonaPod Ep.28 - Furries in the Closet 2.5

    It's that time again, FursonaPod has another episode up! http://pods.fursonapod.com/2010/11/03/fursonapod-ep28--furries-in-the.aspx In this episode, Rainstar, our guest Shadow, and myself decided to re-do Furries in the Closet 2 as per a listeners request. However, the curse of Furries in...