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  1. Miserchild

    Looking for Trades!

    Howdy, Miser here. I'm working one some larger projects, but I'd be up for sketch trades or ink lined trades. Something to rest my eyes from the screen. Examples of pencil sketch work: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12852748/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6530436/...
  2. Miserchild

    Hiring artist for change of character

    Howdy! I'd be happy to help ya with the redesign! I've helped many a client re-do and/or depict their character concepts. If you just wanted a flat color it would be $20, for $25 you could get a single pose ref sheet, like the one in the first link below. Let me know if any of my styles appeal...
  3. Miserchild

    NSFW couples commission

    Hey there! Miser here. What a coincidence, I recently did a friend's rotund she-corgi-beast and her horsey mate, the first NSFW link below. I'd be happy to do a couple's humor or surprise NSFW picture for $40 (flats) or $60 (full shades). I'd be happy to do a simple background for either. I am...
  4. Miserchild

    $6 YCH slots! Feral Sleep Pile!

    Have a feral character, or a feral version of your fursona? Want to see it snuggling with others in a giant pile of sleeps? Then this is the auction for you! Bidding ends tomorrow, still plenty of cheap slots. Don't be shy, if you are the only bidder, I'll draw your character sleeping however ya...
  5. Miserchild

    Shemale skunkie looking for art~ This time of more cute, generic activities

    Awww, I love chunky herms! I've some examples of my larger lady style in the ol' gallery, the link is below. I understand, man. Sometimes you just want to nude it up without getting down and dirty. I'm more than comfy doing nude pics without NSFW content. Also, zero chance I'm going to disappear...
  6. Miserchild

    Looking to expand my character's gallery!

    After looking over the images that inspired Leinad, it occurred to me that you don't have any pictures displaying Leinad's preferred moves. I propose a piece, maybe just digital lines and flats, that shows off what he/she can do. I see they've got a knife, sword and gun? I'm comfy drawing any of...
  7. Miserchild

    Looking for someone to do a ref sheet.

    Hey there! Miser here. I've a friend that is a Brony, and have done some work for him before. I'd be happy to help you visualize the crotchboobs you so desire. Yeah, horse anatomy is a bit funky, making pony anatomy sometimes difficult to display. Here is an example of one of the pieces I've...
  8. Miserchild

    Looking for an transformation comic artist 20 dollar.

    Howdy there! I actually have an old example in my gallery of a character turning into Shadow, and I'd be happy to work on a piece with Sonic morphing into somethin'! My linework has improved, so feel free to browse the gallery for a better sense of my current styles. Old comic...
  9. Miserchild

    The Village That Never Sleeps needs a new talented artist!

    Miserchild already explicitly states I'm cheap. Also, childish, but eh. I believe in giving "ambitious amateur"s a more honest appraisal. I'm hostile towards treating eager folks as personal bell boys, and since this poster seems to be saying contradictory and suspect things, I suspect them. I...
  10. Miserchild

    The Village That Never Sleeps needs a new talented artist!

    From what you originally posted, and what you just posted, I'm going to go ahead and caution any bright eyed, bushy tailed artist looking into this "opportunity". It seems they want the world for nothing, AND they want you to produce at whatever speed they want. Their original artist probably...
  11. Miserchild

    Looking for NSFW artists

    Hey there! I'm still having my sale on shaded flats, only $16 each. I have a variety of prices, and I'm happy to do a bundle and maximize the number of different types of art given your budget. Let me know if any of my styles interest ya! http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/miserchild/
  12. Miserchild

    Looking for a Commission

    Let me know if my styles interest ya, I'd be willing to work with you on an elaborate gore piece. Plus, I'm a vet student, I know whats filling up most body cavities :D Not sure I could quote you a price, as I'm not sure exactly what you want, but I'm doubtful I'd ask over $35...
  13. Miserchild

    $25 Budget Looking for a unique drawing of my Fursona, he's a dragon (please read)

    Re: $25 Budget Looking for a unique drawing of my Fursona, he's a dragon (please read Oooo, interesting. I'd be up for the Tauntaun piece, or the york peppermint patty. Let me know if any of my styles work for ya, I can definitely work with your budget for flats and/or shading, depending on the...
  14. Miserchild

    Looking to expand my character's gallery!

    Heya! Miser here. I've some examples of comics and an abundance of canine and wolf busts and full body pics in the ol' gallery. Let me know if my style interests you, because I'd love the chance to work with Leinad. Currently I have a sale going on for detailed pics, feel free to inquire if the...
  15. Miserchild

    Lots of badges!

    Hi there! Miser here. I'd be happy to help throw some swanky new art and badges at your character. My prices are all far below the $500 mark, and I'm actually having a sale on detailed flats and shades for $16. So, something with this level of complexity, perhaps a simple bg of some sort...
  16. Miserchild

    Looking for some nice inks to color!

    I'm always spitting out lineart, but usually only color commissions. Take a look at the gallery, I'd love to ink some of my personal pieces and do a collab, see what you can do with'em. :) http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/miserchild/
  17. Miserchild

    1 slot request

    I'll offer up my character Gyrj, in case you are looking to do some anthro dragon or feral dragon work. Thanks for the consideration! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6147937/
  18. Miserchild

    Semi-new bear

    I recently returned to FA after a long hiatus, but I can't for the life of me remember if I ever did a "howdy" post back in the day. I'm guessing not, since I haven't shmoozed with many folk. My fursona is a polar/sun bear cross named Rogdin, still trying to pin down what he looks like. I'm a...
  19. Miserchild

    Looking for a quality art trade buddy

    And in case anyone wanted a sample of what I'm happy to trade in terms of lines: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12640000/ I've already contacted the folks here, always happy to look at other peoples' stuff, throw some fav's around and such. :)
  20. Miserchild

    Ty The Husky

    Hi there! Miser here. I've several canine examples in my gallery, and have done husky fursonas before! Here is one example, though NSFW for male bits. (NSFW) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6282969/ Feel free to browse my gallery at http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/miserchild/ My price would...