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  1. tato

    UI Update Requests

    Firstly thanks for all the Feb UI updates! I have some minor tweaks and suggestions though! 1. Previously, using "------" added a nice horizontal bar in journals, and now it just adds a blank line break. That line was really nice for separating content in my text and making it easier to read...
  2. tato

    On Artists: Avoiding the "Likes" Blackhole

    Social media can be draining, especially on artists and creators. Often times we get suckered into equating the amount of faves/likes/notes we receive on our art, to the value of the art itself, though we would never admit that. "I draw for myself, no one else." "I don't care about the likes."...
  3. tato

    Main Site UI Thoughts- Strange black borders

    Firstly, thanks for all the hard work with the latest update! I overall love the changes but I have a few things that feel off to me in the look of the site: 1. I prefer light modes for websites, and I just lowkey wish that there was more option than 1 light mode. Something in the light-mid...
  4. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    TnT thank you, it really means a lot to me to hear that. I often tote the line between both sides of the fence, because I just can't seem to deem anyone individual as an enemy. I've been in every position fighting with and against people of my own groups, and it's taught me to never fully...
  5. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    I agree, you can be personable about your argument and still be tactful however! By all means, use your experiences to explain your situation. It's all part of having an honest conversation. And when you talk about your experiences, that's what opens others up to see you as human. Part of...
  6. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    Yesssssssssssssssss to everything in this post, my God. I've highlighted the most important parts of your conversation for the TLDR folk. It's so important to separate the individual from the ideology. Really realize who your target audience is. Address people as people, not as a group...
  7. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    ^^^ This is exactly why it's so important to have these conversations, and even MORE important that we talk about these things in a RATIONAL way. Just saying "i can't" or "they're not worthy of my time" does nothing for this person who is just now learning about it. There are MANY people who...
  8. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    *thing we need to "fight" Sorry I can't edit my post for some reason. Sorry for any other typos x.x
  9. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    You just can't what? It's so easy to say "Nazis. I can't." But what is it we're really afraid of? I agree, any harm to another individual shouldn't be tolerated. If anyone is openly harassing another user in an environment where that user has the right to feel safe, then they are impeding on the...
  10. tato

    Question About Usernames

    Thank you guys for the info!
  11. tato

    Tomayto, tomahto.

    Tomayto, tomahto.
  12. tato

    Question About Usernames

    I did try to create a new account, and that's how I found out I even had the one with the underscore in the first place. Apparently I can't create the account "Thirdpotato" because I already created" third_potato" and it doesn't seem to differentiate the two.
  13. tato

    Fakemon doods

    SET IS MY FAVORITE EGYPTIAN GOD. I love these ideas so much <3
  14. tato

    Does you feel lonely in the fandom?

    Also! Try hitting up people's streams! You can usually find SOMEone streaming in the Recently UPloaded Pics. If someone runs a consistent stream, visit the stream... consistently! You'll find a lot of repeat guests to chat with n.n
  15. tato

    Does you feel lonely in the fandom?

    It's hard to make real connections without going out of your way to try! I've found the best way to find some lasting friends is to either: -Post tons of stuff, see who comments the most, reply to them, see where the conversations go or -Comment on tons of content that you enjoy (meaningful...
  16. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    What I love most about the furry community is that it's a niche that bonds so many different types of folks, from 'nerds' to business folks, blue collar workers, from young to old, so it always pains me to see furries create a civil war over politics- the one thing that even furdom can't seem to...
  17. tato


    Get skinny
  18. tato

    Question About Usernames

    Hey! So I was wondering, if you disable an account, does that make the username available to be registered again? The reason being, I want to register for a username related to my branding, only to find that I used that I already registered with that username before but with an underscore and I...
  19. tato

    Ease of Multi Accounts

    So I have a few different accounts to filter the type of content I upload so as not to offend ppl with the different fetishes I draw. However, managing these accounts is REALLY annoying. Problems: -Logging into separate accounts means I have to go through that LENGTHY VERIFICATION PROCESS!! I...
  20. tato


    I'm sorry if this goes against the rules or anything, but I didn't see anything saying otherwise. But is there any chance we could get back to being able to upload more than once a minute? I ask because I do these hourly commission streams where I pump out tons of artwork for people throughout...