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  1. Rai Toku

    Help fight internet censorship and SOPA!

    We have the technology to render Congress obsolete. We're using it right now, in fact. Electoral colleges, same thing. If you could get a system up and running with a high priority on rooting out fraud, identity theft, hacking, and the like, the internet allows the American people to have a...
  2. Rai Toku

    MegaUpload shut down by US officials; piracy laws

    http://rt.com/usa/news/anonymous-doj-universal-sopa-235/ Anonymous has hit the FBI.gov site. A little less than an hour ago, I believe. There's others, but that's the biggest, in their spree of retaliation. EDIT: I just checked for myself -the FBI's site is still down. Or, at least, it won't...
  3. Rai Toku

    Help fight internet censorship and SOPA!

    Post copyrighted material all over government sites and the sites of the bill's supporters.
  4. Rai Toku

    Help fight internet censorship and SOPA!

    One of the petitions mentioned earlier in this thread got an official white house response. Along with the prevention of allowing new people to sign it. How pleasant. The people that wrote the response don't seem to know what's actually in the bills, either, or they simply don't care. Here you...
  5. Rai Toku

    OK. Wait, what? Human breast milk ice cream?

    The milk you drank as an infant unsafe... so how do they explain why they aren't dead from it? :v Anyway, Xipiod and Love! have hit the nail on the head, far as I'm concerned.
  6. Rai Toku

    So long and thanks for all the fish-

    D: I'm not much of a talker, so you probably've little idea of who I am, but I've enjoyed your posts, and will miss having you around. Had I any power, I'd mess with their life in your stead, as I don't exactly have a life for them to attack in turn. Anyway, I'm sorry to see you go, and look...
  7. Rai Toku

    I just realized something.

    Mom's been bugging me about going out and getting a girl, getting another/better job, and such. It annoys me because I'd have both in my life if it were that simple, or if anyone would take the time to realize that I have potential -it's hidden by layers and layers of social awkwardness and...
  8. Rai Toku

    Psyches, Us, they, or I?

    I suppose I've two or three personalities, though I don't distinguish them by name, rather by primary emotion. My anger is very reckless, and though restrained enough not to harm someone without cause, there's no end to how stupid and idiotic it acts. Then there's neutral and mild emotion, which...
  9. Rai Toku

    Do you get mad at your self?

    Thank you. I'll look into it. When I can't try to laugh at myself, I'm taking things too seriously, and that only makes things worse. Usually by quite a bit. In hindsight, those jokes were bad, even for being mine, and even if a person enjoys that sort of humor. My apologies for them.
  10. Rai Toku

    Do you get mad at your self?

    I'm not fond of anger, but I do hate myself, and though I've made a promise to myself to never attempt suicide again, I'm looking forward to my eventual death. Until then, I'm just wasting away from isolation, clinical depression (and I can't afford to see a doctor and get meds for it), a touch...
  11. Rai Toku

    I love my dumb laws, whats yours?

    Arizona... =1-up's Texas' dildo law. "You may not have more than two dildos in a house." ="When being attacked by a criminal or burglar, you may only protect yourself with the same weapon that the other person posseses." ="Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is considered a...
  12. Rai Toku

    Talk To Yourself

    I mumble to myself sometimes. Sometimes talk and ramble to try to get a firmer grip on my emotions, so as to be able to put into words how I'm feeling, why I feel that way, and such. It's one of the few ways I can get in touch with my emotional side other than realizing I'm feeling something...
  13. Rai Toku

    Bad Parenting

    I ended up needing to practically raise myself from 4~16, and then for the past four years almost, raise my younger siblings. I don't blame my mom -it's quite difficult to raise six children. Even as a kid, I could tell she did what she could to hold the house together, and the only times being...
  14. Rai Toku

    What would you do? the last day on earth.

    I'd probably find something to overdose myself with, something that'll help me fall asleep and die before the world's gone up in flames. Depressing, probably, but I'd much rather my last moments be somewhat calm, rather than drowned out in the chaos of an ending planet. Or at least be...
  15. Rai Toku

    How competent are you at your job?

    I've held my job for two years, and it's kinda gotten to the point that things fall apart on a busy night if I'm not there. Granted, I'm just a weekend dishwasher at a pizza place, and I've proved myself quite incapable of preparing food quickly and sloppily enough that it's out to the customer...
  16. Rai Toku

    Do colors reveal more about us than we think?

    Blue, darker blues, darker grays, and black. Silver's about the lightest color I like.
  17. Rai Toku

    Which Deadly Sin applies the most to you?

    Sloth, for the most part. All I want to do is sleep and relax, but I don't sleep well if at all, and circumstances prevent me from having any real relaxation time. I got the doing nothing part down pretty well, though, and often procrastinate enough that I forget to do other things. Following...
  18. Rai Toku

    "When Bullies are Powerless:" You Can Help!

    I'm lucky I was mostly invisible, and that for the most part, my family left me alone. Let me grow up on my own, decide what character traits I wanted to have, how I wanted to act, without anyone trying to influence me. Of course, it also gave me a crippling fear of being left behind/alone, but...
  19. Rai Toku

    What keeps you polite?

    I dislike confrontation. Besides, the only people that have really been assholes towards me are my older brothers, and considering I'm rather scrawny and they are now both Marines, I have no intention of seeing them again, and frankly, hope the younger of them gets sent out and dies. The other's...
  20. Rai Toku

    Odd turn ons

    Well, I like giving foot and back massages to women I'm interested in. Soft, nice-smelling hair is also enticing, as is soft skin. I really enjoy being behind people I like, and it's nice if they have a soft rear. That's about all I've found so far. Haven't gotten further with someone I've been...