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  1. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    There is something that is good for your lower back but I don't know you that well or if you would like it all. I won't say I am a good boy I am.
  2. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    A boss said it, okay I will get out my cheat code bazooka and destro...oh! You mean that it will return because a high up said so. Thank goodness...I need my FA fix rather badly I am searching for good furry art on less fur compatible sites. Bad for my furry ego, and my furry mind. On with...
  3. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    I have an advantage in that I will sleep most of that away.....
  4. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Half past twelve and I am watching the FA in the house all alone. How I hate spend the evening without my daily pron. There is not a server out there. No one to catch my ISP. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Fender after midnight.
  5. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    All this miss Furaffinity is making me feel that we really should have...well, a Miss Furaffinity contest. And I don't mean Fender in a Bikini.*SHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhudderrrrrrr*..Okay there is an image that will need therapy to remove. I really think it would be fun to come up with a Miss...
  6. UnicornPrae

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Come back Fa all is forgiven I didn't mean it when I swore at you. I do it all the time...wait, wait this isn't my fault if my cursing was effective Microsoft would have disappeared into the Abyss years ago. I am saying I really miss FA, I want you back so I can browse the wonderful art and...
  7. UnicornPrae

    Server Hardware Fault

    What is the total raise now? We are such a generous bunch we furry breed. And I agree second guessing the future is a waste of time. Aren't the FA mods amazing they work so hard and must put up with such an awful amount of troll dung. I would gladly hand them a big shovel...usage for them to...
  8. UnicornPrae

    Server Hardware Fault

    Donated only a little, but everything counts I suppose. And give how much we have now. Whatever our sweet guys on FA do I guarantee it will be boss.
  9. UnicornPrae

    Account Importing Problem

    I have got nothing. Either e-mail account help I am still here but want to get back in. I may be dense but it has been so long since I used my password I have got no idea what it is anymore. Contact unicornprae@hotmail.co.uk
  10. UnicornPrae

    FA Going Live

    This bites my faves button no longer works to take me here. I arrive as nobody and can not access my account. I have to relocate the site by a search and guess what now it recognises me. That is a pain. I eagerly await the return of Furaffinity because I am getting desperate.
  11. UnicornPrae

    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    Eeeek now the site is huge a damn near infinite page but there are no function buttons. No way to submit browse or do anything. Has something gone wrong or is this a temp glitch just with me. Okay I see some git has spammed the shout box with yamete going by the name of Xerxes candidate for...
  12. UnicornPrae

    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    Clicking on a recent favourite sends me into a loop of page opening that leads nowhere as the picture fails to show. This may be the same as the last one but there is no description on the recent favourites either when there is one on the recent submissions. Can't give a page it keeps cycling...
  13. UnicornPrae

    FA's New Mascot, Fender

    I didn't even know there was going to be a vote...there isn't now and as for the new mascot *sigh* his torso is too long and he needs work to get that cheeky twinkle. At the moment I have to say he irritates me for some reason. Great yay! we have mascot but I will be turning him off in the...
  14. UnicornPrae

    yea, I'm a noobie, fill me in!

    Here until they load over all my stuff...the beta site is not going to retain anything so I want my words to stay for eternity on the electronic ether of the internet.
  15. UnicornPrae

    Trolls invading? Admins not doing their job?

    Okay here is a suggestion lets just lock this thread. It is getting us no where and has become an all out slanging match. This thread ain't a single bit of use...it is just a painful exercise in scab picking. So could an admin lock this one I am really sick of all this wasteful...
  16. UnicornPrae

    FA Beta - Temporarily Down

    Thank you. I had noticed that it had gone down.
  17. UnicornPrae

    Contest Ideas

    As there will be a writing contest eventually try this get an artist to a picture and get the writers to back story the picture and include the scene illustrated in the story. It is a good challenge. it forces the writer into focussing on the picture rather than working on a broad subject. It...
  18. UnicornPrae

    FA Avatar Sizes

    Judging from the results so far bigger is better. hur hur hur gaffaw cough hur hur. So it appears most want the option of glorious 100x100 I had a site that insisted on 50x50 and I mean precisely that pixel count not even one smaller and my avatar looked just plain awful. I would say that...
  19. UnicornPrae

    FurNation is Back Online!

    Yeah, Furnation is great and turned me on to furry for the most part but it is freaking huge. It is like the biggest library in the world and I found their search engine facility damn near useless. Not saying that they ain't great it is just that you can be so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity...
  20. UnicornPrae

    Note: FA Perma Test Online

    Yay! what about the files loaded to the old beta site and the former FA site will they be transferred to the new perma-beta site or will it be a job of maually shifting them.