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  1. Landown

    Your BF3 Loadout-

    I don't know who you were posing the question to,but at least for me I always stay on the move. Long or Mid range I kill and go- Of course if I have a ton of baddies on my hands I'm gonna take out as many as I can. Then I find some new hunting grounds. If my friend is trying to plant at the MCOM...
  2. Landown

    Your BF3 Loadout-

    On BF3 what kit do you normally play- What is your most common setup? If You use all four kits whats your setup? While I dont have a computer of my own to play BF3 I spend the night at a buddy of mines house almost every weekend and just rock BF3 till dawn.I love playing as all the kits...
  3. Landown

    Hey hows it going?

    Hey hows it going?
  4. Landown

    Your views on fan fiction

    I'd say I find it odd,but if done right it can be amazing. When I was a missionary my companions mother was on Oprah for a Twilight fan fiction.It depends on the work put in to it.
  5. Landown

    Hey, Everyone!

    Welcome good sir welcome!
  6. Landown

    Friends Wanted! -applications inside-

    BAM! You got yourself a friend. Right here!
  7. Landown

    Hello There

  8. Landown

    Hi! new Member to the Forum!

    Welcome welcome to the forums.I say the place is pretty sweet if I do say so myself. So tell us about yourself you a musician?Maybe a writer? or an artist perhaps? Whatever ya are spill the beans. As for me I'm Landown hope you enjoy the forums.
  9. Landown

    Max Sway

    I love it. Beautifully detailed,rich history,and to top it all off awesome.
  10. Landown

    Hello furry writers

    yes self publishing counts
  11. Landown

    Hello furry writers

    I myself am finishing a graphic novel,that I am trying to get published as well. The rough draft is complete,and I have tons of back story,lore,and so forth completed. I hope to be finished by mid summer early fall.I love Sci/fi and fantasy sci-fi is the core of most of my writing. Stay Icy...
  12. Landown

    Looking for fur tails

    lol Well you know of any sites in particular for either fake or real? I didnt know they made them outta yarn kinda kwl to know. I guess yarn l makes the best tails?
  13. Landown

    Names Landown,Im a cool guy if I do say so myself. Its says lone wolf under my name so I guess...

    Names Landown,Im a cool guy if I do say so myself. Its says lone wolf under my name so I guess that's what I'm. I wont lie I would like to make some furry friends. I LOVE to write,if I'm not working on my graphic novel ,then I am thinking about other things to write. I love to play videos games...
  14. Landown

    Looking for fur tails

    Either Or. Im not picky about it. I just want it to look good. Also do certain places make custom tails?
  15. Landown

    Looking for fur tails

    I'm looking for a place to buy just fur tails fox or wolf tails in specific. I'm looking for tails that I guess are fairly long,not the sort type. What would be some good places to shop for them? Also I don't mind spending a pretty penny on a tail so expensive brands and everything in between...
  16. Landown

    The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List

    Landown- Server- Sargeras Toons- Freyia 85 rogue Human Kamiliareul- 85 DK Worgen Server Velen Toons Alistina 85 Pally Draenia
  17. Landown

    Hey, hi, hello! ♥

    Enjoy the forums!
  18. Landown

    Re-introducing myself

    No it wasn't secret it was for my Church.
  19. Landown

    Anyone interested in being part of a Furry Novel I'm writing, c'mere to know how!

    I knew a guy that dated Stephanie Meyer,but she dumped him for the guy she married now. Its not relevant at all to the conversation,but it was hilarious hearing the story. I have to say Twilight reminds me of the cliche teenage drama. I just dont like it or stand it. It just too much,but to...