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  1. TamaraRose

    Discouraged by members of the furry community from going to cons?

    hell come to a con we may end up making you "one of us" * the errie chant of one of us starts in the back ground *
  2. TamaraRose

    Furry Fiesta room for $40

    i may have to take you up on that but i need alittle time to poke my proritys in to order
  3. TamaraRose

    Who's going to Furry Fiesta '10

    mmm 26 here
  4. TamaraRose

    Who's going to Furry Fiesta '10

    i sould be... still looking for a ride to mff
  5. TamaraRose

    Midwest Furfest?

    lok to me like inless i can find a new ride that is willing to work on the $40 gas money i have that i am likely not going my pervious ride has been straped with money trouble
  6. TamaraRose

    MFF needing ride

    i had a ride a dont now... not the persons fault... i need a ride if you can help drop me a line at Janchris2@yahoo.com i have $40 toward Gas i have already paid my preregister so if you can help a kitten out i would much appreciate it i live on southern oklahoma
  7. TamaraRose

    helpin a friend :artist in need

    here it is help myfriend ot he is takin 100 sketches $5 a piece here you go take a look at this http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1023596/ but sereiously hes a great artist check him out
  8. TamaraRose


    Zombie nation was good
  9. TamaraRose

    Warrior cats by erin hunter

    you should read it there very interesting
  10. TamaraRose


    the trailer was epic funny... i want to have the movie
  11. TamaraRose

    Warrior cats by erin hunter

    yea book series i think my fav is firestar and jayfeather
  12. TamaraRose

    Warrior cats by erin hunter

    love the series hate it ... what? if you love it or like it whos your fav feline?
  13. TamaraRose

    How did you get into fandom?

    i had all way been in to role playing herd form a co worker about a convention so i went
  14. TamaraRose

    Furry Fiesta in Texas - Anyone Going?

    con costs bout $40 and i reamend if you like eating out taking about 150 mybe more if you like bying art
  15. TamaraRose

    Getting close to what i was looking for...

    he watched the golden compase one to many times
  16. TamaraRose

    Countries banning the furry fandom

    and why is that sir? what is so wrong about this fandom... that we should not be aloud free rom like the rest of the odd people out there... i mean beastiality was not made here... it bee around for far longer then furrys and there are people you call normal who practice it... terkies...
  17. TamaraRose

    Do you think furries marry other furries???

    i am a furry and i am married to a lion fur
  18. TamaraRose

    Quick Question

  19. TamaraRose

    I'm curious...

    if you mean are there normal people well the hotal will likely have adlest a few normal folks... but the convention areas likely will be of limits
  20. TamaraRose

    Midwest Furfest?

    i am going to be there hopefully i can find a room cuase i am Broke